Meghan and Matt
Baby's age: 11 months

If you are looking for a sleep consultant, then look no further! We had previously hired other sleep consultants and one approach worked for my first child, but with my second child, that same approach didn't work so we needed to find a new approach. Eva looked at the bigger picture. It isn't just about sleep alone; she takes everything into consideration! Eva was very thorough, asked us detailed questions and came up with a plan for our 11 month old son. We were amazed. Within a week, he was sleeping through the night and it didn't involve much crying (him or us!) 🙂 Thanks again Eva, you are a lifesaver!

Baby's age:

Thank you Eva for helping my baby sleep through the night, take longer naps and learn to fall asleep on her own. I never thought that it would be possible, especially after a failed attempt of sleep training. You helped put me and my baby at ease, while using gentle sleep techniques that I felt comfortable with. Nap time and bedtime now seem effortless, and the whole family is finally enjoying some sleep! You took the time to listen to my concerns, and were patient with my desire to take things slow. I am so happy with the progress that we have made. I will absolutely recommend you to family and friends. Thank you so much!

Sarit and Mike
Baby's age: 9 months

I would like to thank Eva for helping my husband and I sleep through the night again.  Our 9 month-old son used to wake up every few hours throughout the night and thought that the perfect time to begin his day was between 4:30 and 5am! His naps were 15-30 minutes in duration unless he was bed-sharing with mom.  We were exhausted! Eva was very patient, detail oriented and knowledgeable.  Eva picked up on things that we never would have thought could affect our son’s sleep, including nutrition, environment and emotional well-being.  At the end, our son is sleeping through the night, his naps improved, he can soothe himself to sleep and the whole family is finally well rested!  And all of this, while using gentle methods that we were comfortable with. Thank you, Eva, for all your great help!

Natalie B.
Baby's age: 14 months

Eva’s advice solved all our sleep issues. My 14-month-old, who was never a great sleeper, was consistently waking far too early in the morning and hardly napping during the day. We could not function on so little sleep. I was amazed at how quickly Eva’s sleep plan worked. Within days of implementing her routine and advice, my son was consistently sleeping-in later in the mornings and taking two solid daytime naps. It was nothing short of remarkable. Eva’s advice was precise, simple and effective. She is also an absolute pleasure to deal with – she’s responsive, knowledgeable and extremely caring. I recommend Eva without hesitation to anyone needing sleep advice for their child.

Baby's age: 7 months

Eva, I can't thank you enough for all your consultation with our son. When we first contacted you, our 7 month old was napping 30 minutes a day and falling asleep on the bottle. Sometimes it would take him an hour of crying before he fell asleep. After spending a very long time looking at his sleep habits and talking on the phone with me - we worked together on a plan. You were always there for support and would get back to me within the hour. Within 2 weeks of sticking to the detailed plan and being very consistent, I can say he is now sleeping 1.5 - 2 hours in the morning and afternoon. It takes him 10 minutes to go down to nap without any crying and without the bottle! I am one happy mom - I can't thank you enough!!!

Baby's age: 7 months

I was at my wits end when we contacted Eva to help with our then 7 month old son. He was all over the place with his naps and he was waking multiple times each night. I was exhausted! I held off hiring a sleep consultant because he was my third baby and thought for sure I could figure it out. After nothing I tried was working I caved and contacted Eva. I am so glad I did. She has made me a convert and I would recommend her to anyone experiencing any sort of sleep troubles with her little one. She took the time to get to know us and our style and our little guy. She respected my wish to sleep train and gently as possible and came up with a plan that started with tweaking our daily routine. She got us on a schedule for both naps and for night time. Our sleep routine is great. Our little one now will go down with no fuss and is on a regular schedule. It helps immensely that I can now count on a predictable day. I am so thankful for Eva’s assistance. I am now a much happier and better rested mom as is our little guy. I find I am enjoying our days much more and have energy for my older two kids. I would not hesitate to consult Eva again if we encounter sleep issues in the future.


Ever since our daughter was born, sleep was our biggest hurdle. She was colicky as an infant and never learned to put herself to sleep without screaming, even into toddlerhood.When she went through a period of teething, mild illness, and more teething, things deteriorated and she ended up in our bed, something that I never wanted for my family. No one was getting good sleep, let alone enough of it. If I had known what a difference contacting Eva would have made in our lives, I would have done it when my daughter was four months old. We suffered for far too long! Eva worked with us to find sleep solutions that were right for our family, taking into account our unique situation and helping us to tweak things when we needed to. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Eva! She was incredibly attentive and gave so much of her valuable time to us to fix our many sleep problems. Now that we've worked with her, our family is much happier and well-rested. Thank you Eva!

Baby's age: 14 months

My 14 month old was waking up 7-9 times every night. I had to breast feed/sooth her back to sleep which took 30-40 minutes each time. She was co sleeping with me in my bed and we had no nap schedule during the day, every day she would nap at different times for different lengths. I kept thinking to myself it will get better as she gets older but it didn’t! It was getting worse and worse. I had finally had enough and contacted Eva. I honestly can not believe how far we have come since those nights. I did not think it was possible, but with Eva’s plan and daily contact to keep us on track we finally did it! my daughter now has 2 naps daily and are at the exact time and length, and she is sleeping 12 hours a night without waking up! It is truly amazing! my daughter is so much happier and eating so much more! Eva also helped me wean off the breast and i am so grateful for everything!


Eva provided a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to get my infant on an appropriate schedule and guided us along the way. We fixed all the sleep problems within a couple of weeks and are now all enjoying more rest!


Eva helped my family by advising us on my preschooler's sleep habits. She took the time to get to know my family and habits and made suggestions within our comfort levels and limitations. I was very impressed with her professionalism and promptness with communication; it was comforting to speak with a consultant who is also a mother. Results were quick with small yet effective changes and I'm pleased to say that they have been maintained....my husband and I are enjoying time to ourselves during the evening in addition to more restful sleep. Without hesitation, my family and I recommend Eva!

Baby's age: 10 months

Hi Eva , i just wanted to thank you so much for helping my son nap! I thought it wasn't possible at 10 months old! Being a first time mom i was very confused! You set realistic expectations and goals! I am now able to enjoy a cup of strong coffee twice a day!

Baby's age: 4 months

We feel so lucky that we were able to work with Eva when our son was only 4 months old. Eva helped us achieve healthy sleep habits in a gentle and effective manner. Eva always respected my wishes for the most gentle apprach possible and she created a customized sleep plan that worked wonders in getting our baby to learn self soothing techniques. Eva offered practical advice and much needed encouragement and advice every step of the way. Her guidance was invaluable and I would highly recommend Eva's services.


Only few weeks ago I was co-sleeping with my baby, waking up every two hours to breastfeed and even had to wake up for couple of hours in the middle of the night as my baby was simply up ready to play, not sleep. Desperate for sleep I called Eva. Thanks to her thorough assessment, many advices and guidelines I am now sleeping in my bed with my hubby, baby is sleeping happily in her room in her crib and I finally feel rested. I cannot thank you enough Eva for giving me back my sleep and sanity! Eva is simply a wonderful person. She has lots of patience, is always readily available in the most stressful situations and always has the best advice. I recommend her greatly

Baby's age: 10 months

Contacting Eva to help us with our 10-month-old daughter’s sleep habits was the best decision we made. Prior to working with Eva, our daughter could not fall asleep without nursing, was waking up several times a night, and only napped for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Eva’s comprehensive approach to sleep made all the difference. Now we are all enjoying sleeping through the night, and our daughter’s naps are becoming more consistent and longer. Most importantly, our daughter is well rested, happier, and more active. Eva is knowledgeable, responsive, compassionate, and experienced. She understood our parenting style and supported us in teaching our daughter to sleep in a gentle, effective manner. Thanks Eva!

Baby's age: 10 months

My 10 month old was taking over an hour to be rocked to sleep and if we could manage to put him down in his crib and somehow navigate around the creeks and cracks of his room floor, he would still wake up every hour just to be rocked back to sleep. Our nights consisted of putting the baby to sleep, rocking him back to sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat and eventually, giving up and bringing him to our bed. He would only nap during the day if he was being held, walked in his stroller, or driven around. After months of sleepless nights, I finally decided to give Eva a call (what took me so long??!!). She was amazing! Immediately she was able to identify the issues that were preventing my baby from getting a good night sleep in his own crib. Eva explained everything very thoroughly and we were in constant contact through email and phone calls. I expressed that I did not want to go the "cry-it-out" route and she created a tailor made plan that fit into our lives. My baby cried/whined for 15 minutes the first night, with my husband right next to him the whole time, and then slept throughout the night. We haven't looked back. He now puts himself to sleep, and stays asleep for 12 hours. He has 2 great naps during the day, in his crib. We are all sleeping 🙂

Baby's age: 9 months

At about 9 months my daughter’s sleeping patterns began to regress. She would not sleep through the night and refused to nap during the day. We thought co-sleeping was the answer. It made things worse because she became frightened of her room and crib. My daughter was fighting constant exhaustion and as a result not able to function at her optimal level. I was desperate to rectify this situation and was referred to Eva. Eva did an amazing job of directing and mentoring me in achieving sleep success! After Eva’s guidance My daughter is now napping two times a day and sleeping through the night in her crib. My daughter is well rested and I am more aware of her needs in terms of sleeping. During our first session, Eva calmed me down and assured me that this was normal and could be fixed with some patience, persistence, and discipline. Eva took the time to understand my daughter’s schedule and our needs as parents. She carefully constructed a daytime and nighttime sleep plan that we were comfortable with. Within a few days of following the sleep plan sleep patterns began to improve. Eva was amazing. She was patient, detailed, calm, reassuring, and coached me to be disciplined. Eva considers your individual wants and needs and always provides a variety of options to satisfy your lifestyle. Thank you so much for all your support and hard work!

Baby's age: 4.5 months

Eva turned our "worst ever sleeper" into a baby that sleeps for 11/12 hours each night! My second son was a dream for the first 3 months sleeping 4 to 5 hours each night and then everything changed. By 4.5 months we were severely sleep deprived catering to a baby that was up every hour during the night. Eva created a custom plan that addressed my baby's nap and feeding schedule, as well as bedtime routine and self-soothing strategies. The process took a few weeks and I was skeptical but Eva's plan worked! My husband and I are extremely grateful and recommend her to everyone!


Eva's method worked like a charm. She was a pleasure to work with and made sure all of our concerns were addressed and customized the sleep plan many times over until we were comfortable with the strategy that was to be executed. I can confidently say that I could not have done it without her help. It feels so good to finally sleep through the night again! Eva thank you again for everything!

Baby's age: 7 months

Eva helped us come up with a custom strategy to achieve the two main goals for our baby - establishing an age-appropriate schedule for our 7-month old, and helping him learn how to fall asleep on his own instead of nursing to sleep. The idea of sleep training caused me a lot of anxiety. I really didn't want to have to subject our baby to the cry it out method. But with so many books and methods out there, it was hard to know what would actually work for us and best fit our need to do it as gently as possible. After spending some time getting to know us and our parenting style, Eva recommended a sleep straining method that we were comfortable with and we're happy to say that our baby is now able to put himself to sleep for naps and at bedtime. His daytime nap schedule has also been adjusted so that the bulk of his sleep has shifted to the night time and he's sleeping 11 hours through the night. As we implemented the plan, Eva provided daily feedback to tweak the plan and answer our questions as part of her follow-up support, which was invaluable! I now actually have time to myself during the day, and more time in the evenings with my husband. We're glad we chose to go with Eva, and would definitely recommend her services!


I never thought I'd use a sleep consultant. I'm a second time mom, I've read all the books, and figured I could do it myself. My daughter had reflux and was consuming over a third of her calories at night, she was underweight, and I was too exhausted from being up all night to make a plan. I called Eva who listed to my concerns and made a plan for us. I loved that it was a gradual approach that dealt with her entire 24 hour schedule and preparing my daughter for sleep training. We shifted her calories to the daytime and eventually got her sleeping at night. It was not easy but Eva was there to support me through it. We slowly got her eating less and sleeping more. She is now sleeping through the night and napping well. Eva listened to me, reassured me, and coached me through sleep training both at nights and for naps. I can't begin to thank her enough for all her emails and advice and her positive attitude. Now that she is sleeping, I can sleep which makes me a much better mom!


There are many amazing things about being a parent to a baby. Watching them grow and learn so much, so fast is rewarding and fun. However, when our son struggled with sleep for the first months of his life it was both heartbreaking and exhausting. We tried, what we thought was, everything but it wasn't until we started working with Eva that we realized how much more we could do. Eva's approach was great and she was very easy to work with. We made the adjustments she suggested and took her daily advice and input and within a couple of weeks our son went from waking up every 30-60 minutes per night to sleeping 11 hours per night, straight through. We can't thank her enough for all that she did for our son and for her support.

Haylia & Brad

Eva gave us the tools to get our twins sleeping through the night. Our only regret was not calling her sooner. Twins can be especially challenging but Eva guided us through the proper steps and treated each of our kids as individuals and as a result, got them sleeping through the night in under 2 weeks! Thank you Eva!!!


It was such a pleasure working with Eva to help solve my son's sleep issues.‎ She was so patient, understanding and very supportive throughout the entire process. She ensured I was 100% comfortable with the sleep training method we chose before we began. She helped me understand that sleep training is not only about the training itself but also creating a solid routine that would contribute to positive results. My son was a terrible sleeper from day 1, waking multiple times a night and always had to be rocked to sleep. The last 4 weeks have been heaven! We lay our son down AWAKE and he sleeps 11hours STRAIGHT! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you so much Eva!


In all honesty me and my husband were a bit hesitant to work with a sleep consultant. However, after speaking with Eva for a couple of minutes I felt assured that we were in good hands. Eva was very knowledgeable, professional and available to answer all and any of our concerns. She worked within our comfort level and was very honest about the results we could expect. She was spot on about how our child would likely react and how difficult/easy each day would be. For us the reassurance she provided during the time she worked with our family was vital. She takes the time to get to know your family and child and provides a very easy to follow simple plan (which is helpful for sleepy parents) that is specific to your child. She taught us the tools to get to our goal and we are very thankful to her for that. We highly recommend her!!!


I was referred to Eva Klein via Facebook's Pink and Blue Group. I checked out her website, and decided to contact her. She promptly responded with a time for us to chat. We chose the $450 package. She sent me extensive questionnaires to fill out, then came to my home to meet my daughter and scope out the environment. She gave some pointers while at my house that we put into motion right away, then followed up with a sleep plan a few days later. I know that $450 seems like a lot to spend. My husband had a hard time agreeing to do it. All we can say, is that it worked. For us, it was about having a plan. A plan that we felt confident in; that we didn't question, and therefore, one that we could stick to. We needed someone to tell us exactly what to do, and what not to do. To remind us that there are many kids out there with the same stamina and the same resistance to sleeping. And most of all, that what we are doing ultimately won't hurt our baby. Eva was so supportive, sending emails almost everyday for updates and providing predictions on what I could expect the next night. She was sensitive to our strong-willed child, and to us - nervous and exhausted parents. Eva corrected fundamental issues with the sleep routine that I had established when my girl was just a baby. She helped us to teach our child sleep, to like her bedroom and to feel safe in her bed. Once in while, we fall into some of the same bad habits, but can use the principles that Eva provided to get us back on track. If I ever run into consistent sleep issues again, I won't hesitate to contact her for her help. Thank you Eva!!

Blair and Arieh
Baby's age: 8 months

Eva did a wonderful job not only helping create a structured sleep plan for our almost 8 month old, but worked around our hesitations of using CIO. She was able to design a sleep plan that was flexible to include our 2 week holiday and was most importantly able to give us the validation and confidence we needed to get our newest addition to sleep 7pm-7am schedule! Thanks Eva!

Baby's age: 5 months

Hiring a sleep consultant was the best parenting decision we made! Our 5 month-old only napped for 30 minutes at a time and was waking up every 1-2 hours during the night. I had read a lot about sleep-training and was confused by conflicting messages. Eva helped us find an approach we were comfortable with and guided us through the process. She answered questions in a timely manner which helped us respond to hiccups along the way. She provided much-needed support during this challenging chapter in our lives and we're all sleeping better as a result!


My son was on a horrible sleep schedule and we spent hours pacing with him to get him to fall asleep. We were at the end of our rope when we contacted Eva. Eva's detailed sleep plan, and helpful suggestions, along with available support for timely questions, left us feeling reassured and hopeful again. Even though we communicated overseas, Eva was available to answer my questions in a timely manner. We highly recommend her services to parents in need of sleep assistance!

Baby's age: 7.5 weeks

I hired Eva Klein as a sleep consultant when my son was just 7.5 weeks old for the joint newborn/sleep-training package. I did this at such a young age in order to establish healthy sleep habits from an early start. As a first time mom, I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Given that I got my son into healthy sleep habits from almost day one, it did not take me long to “sleep train” him when it was age appropriate. Thanks to Eva, I was also already well versed in understanding my son’s “sleep cues” and “wake windows”. Within days, he was falling asleep on his own at both nighttime and nap times and sleeping through the night. Throughout this entire process, not only was Eva extremely knowledgeable and professional, she was non-judgmental, detail oriented, timely and supportive. Eva was very easy to get a hold of and was quick to respond. Eva was available when I expressed any question, concern or hesitation and I felt reassured after connecting with her. I can honestly say that without Eva, I would not have had the smooth ride that I did. I feel so grateful and rested!! It was a real pleasure working with Eva. I have no hesitation in providing the highest recommendation for her and encourage any parent who wants their sleep back to connect with Eva.

Baby's age: 15 months

Eva has helped our family get the rest we all needed. When we started, our 15 month old son was still nursing to sleep and rousing at least twice a night with an early wake up at 5:30am. We would often bring him into our bed just to get a bit of extra sleep. With Eva’s comprehensive sleep plan and support, he is now able to soothe himself to sleep without needing to nurse, sleep through the night and he is happy to sleep in his own bed! Eva truly listened and provided a supportive and gentle approach to ensuring our son could get the sleep he needed. She was there to answer questions as we worked through the program. I would recommend Eva to anyone who is looking for a gentle way to support their child’s sleep.


From the moment I was in contact with Eva she was extremely professional and knowledgable. She helped create an individualized sleep plan for my baby and was always available for questions and follow-up. I am thrilled to say that my baby is sleeping better and as a result we are all a lot happier! Thank you so much Eva!

Baby's age: 5 months

Thanks to Eva, my 5 month old baby naps 3 times a day for a total of 4-5 hours. Her routine is consistent. She sleeps 12 hours a night waking up once to feed. This was not always the case. As a first time mom whose baby resisted the basinet, but fell asleep in my bed, I naturally kept her in bed with me. In addition, until she was 4 months old, I nursed her on demand every hour until she fell asleep. By the time she was four months old she was fussy and overtired, would only sleep I my arms and needed to be nursed to sleep. And I was beyond exhausted. I knew I needed a different routine and things had to change. Eva assessed the situation, created a sleep plan and totally supported me as I implemented it. I am forever thankful. I highly recommend Eva Klein. We were fortunate to have her work with us.

Steve and Aafiya
Baby's age: 5 months

At 5 months old, our baby was waking up over 8 times per night. She was sleeping late, and wouldn't sleep for more than 60 minutes without needing to nurse before falling back asleep. Her daytime naps were all over the place and we, as new parents, were lost as to what to do. We reached out to Eva to try and see if sleep training was the right thing for us. I can honestly say that our life and lifestyle have taken a complete turn after getting Eva's help and guidance. Our baby now sleeps at 6pm, has one major wake-up at night to feed, and sleeps for approximately 12 hours per night (in her own room!). We have taken back our lives and are finally getting normal sleep again, and it's all thanks to Eva. She helped us understand how to find the right cues to put our baby to sleep and gave us a structured plan to follow. She was flexible when our baby advanced quickly through certain aspects of the plan and followed up with us daily for over a month, giving us the advice we needed. One important thing to note - as new parents, we were really opposed to having our baby cry or using a CIO method. Eva helped us understand what kinds of crying are ok and gave us the means to understand how to properly handle crying. This above all has made the biggest difference to us. Thank you Eva for making us better parents and for making our baby independent without using a CIO method. We would recommend you to anyone!

Baby's age: 6 months

We tried to sleep train our six month old daughter unsuccessfully for six months. After six months of horrible sleeping for the entire household, we finally decided to call Eva to get professional help. Eva was very easy to work with and we had no apprehension applying her recommendations. Our daughter was sleeping through the night by the 3rd! It sounds like a cliché, but our only regret is that we didn’t contact her sooner.

Baby's age: 3.5 years old

After a long period of time dealing with what seemed like an impossible sleep situation with our 3.5 year old, Eva helped us overcome it. She sat patiently listening, asked all the right questions, and put together a great plan. She was very supportive every step of the way! Not only has she helped us manage our child's sleep issues, we learned so much about our child and ourselves in the process.

Baby's age: 7 months

I hired Eva to help sleep train my 7 month old (at the time) twins. I was having a huge issue because they relied on feeding to fall asleep, and one was a good sleeper, one was not. Eva was wonderful to work with. She really took the time to get to know us, our goals and how we wanted to achieve sleeping through the night. Eva checked in constantly, offering words of support, advice, and how to make small changes to help the twins sleep better. My twins, now 9 months old, are sleeping through the night, and having great naps during the day. Thank you Eva for working with us!!!


I can't thank Eva enough for all that she has done to help my daughter establish proper sleep skills. Before I had contacted Eva, my daughter was a terrible sleeper and a fussy and unhappy baby. She was perpetually over tired and extremely clingy. Now I'm glad to say my daughter is a completely different person. She sleeps well and is a fun and happy baby. Thank you Eva for providing such wonderful support.


Does your child wake up at 4am. Does your child only sleep 45 min on the dot. Does your child wake up every two hours at night. Can you only put your baby to sleep with a bottle Well this was me !!! First time mom like a deer in the head lights watching all my friends well rested able to have a coffee do laundry and brush there teeth. I new there was something missing and I new I needed some help. First off thank you so very much Eva for all your support tips and sleep plans. You helped me in so many way. Now my beautiful happy boy doesn't need a bottle to go to bed. He sleeps for an hour and a half each nap. Sleeps through the night. I didn't have to let him scream for hours which I was so scared I had to do. I think the best part of your service not only was the tips you gave me but was the support. If you are considering hiring a sleep consultant Eva really is the one you want. Thank you so much!

Baby's age: 10 months

Working with Eva to sleep train our 10 month old was the best parenting decision on so many levels. Not only did she help our baby learn to sleep without our help, she also helped break some bad habits, taught us how and what to feed him on schedule, and freed us up to let our brains recuperate while marathoning Gilmore Girls from 6:30pm onwards while our little darling was dreaming of doggies and duckies until the next morning.

Baby's age: 18 months

Eva Klein has been a life saver! My 18 month old daughter was waking up a few times a night. I tried everything to get her to sleep through. She would cry endlessly. Eva figured out the issue after a few minutes of our consultation. Eva continuously checked up on me and gave me support throughout the sleep training process. I would not be sane today without her! Thanks! I highly recommend her services!

Baby's age: 15 months

Eva literally changed our lives around. My 15 month old was never a good sleeper, and as he got older, it got worse and worse, to the point that his naps meant sleeping on mommy and night time sleep meant waking up every few hours. After hearing a detailed report about everything about my son; his eating habits, his sleeping habits, his general temperament and general schedule, Eva came up with a game plan. After just one week, my son took a nap for this first time without falling asleep on me! After 3 weeks, my son is going down beautifully every day for a nap, and pretty much sleeps through the night! Eva was extremely understanding with all the changes that kept happening, our funny schedules, and actually changed the game plan in the middle when we saw something different was needed. I am grateful every day now for the day I decided to reach out to Eva. Thank you!

Baby's age: 18 months

I’m a mother of 3 and the first 2 children were sleep trained without issue. But my youngest had very challenging sleep habits (waking up several times a night and early morning riser) and the exhaustion and frustration was impacting the rest of the family. By 18 months I was ready to try something new, and Eva came highly recommended. What is great about Eva was her flexibility. Understanding that there were other children and schedules in place, and building a routine around our needs was of most importance to me. There is no judgement with Eva – she really is there to help you out, whatever your circumstance is. If you take a step backward or run into some regression, there is no blame, just focus on how to move forward. The constant support and follow ups were wonderful – we both celebrated the first day my little guy finally slept through the night! With the holidays and colds now passed, I now have the tools to get my little one back on schedule. And having that knowledge and confidence is immeasurable. Thank you Eva for helping our family!


Eva was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge, professionalism, and lightening fast response time to calls and emails was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Eva's services to anyone in need.


Eva was such a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and takes the time to asses your individual situation and needs before creating a personalized sleep plan. Within a few days of starting our gentle sleep training my son went from being 100% dependent on nursing to sleep to falling asleep on his own. I don't know what I would have done without her!

Baby's age: 3.5 years old

My daughter is 3.5 y/o and child number four! After successfully sleep training her three older siblings (and many other babies) I really did not think a sleep consultant was necessary. Let me tell you how wrong I was! Eva was quick to hone in on the things I was missing in our busy routine. Having three older children our daughter was often lacking much needed sleep and once we fixed this problem our 3am night waking a have become a thing of the past! I would recommend Eva to anyone struggling with any sleep issue! It was an easy to implement solution that has worked (pardon the pun) like a dream Thank you, Eva!!!

Baby's age: 8 months

Before Eva, we were up every few hours with our (then) 8 month old at night, and naps were a disaster. Within a few days of hiring Eva we were all sleeping through the night and a much happier family! She worked with our situation and comfort level and was able to find solutions that worked. We are so grateful to Eva for all her help and guidance and would recommend her to anyone!


I am extremely grateful to Eva for all her patience, ideas, support, insight, expertise and help. After nursing my daughter to sleep for months, I was feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of weaning her in order to prepare for my return to work (which was looming one month away). My daughter was still waking up in the middle of the night and her nap schedule was different every day. Eva came up with a comprehensive plan in order to allow me to get my daughter to sleep through the night and to fall asleep without nursing for either nap or at bedtime. She created a step-by-step plan that was easy to follow and also was not intimidating on myself or my daughter. When one approach didn't seem to be the right fit for my daughter, Eva quickly suggested another one which was a better fit for our sleeping needs. Eva always gave quick responses via email and phone. I am most thankful for the unwavering support she gave me and for her confidence in me that I could accomplish my goal in the time I had. Thank you!!


Eva was amazing with helping our son get a full night sleep. He now sleeps 12 hours and we are very grateful for Eva's help!

Baby's age: 3 months

We started working with Eva when our daughter was around three months old. She was waking up four times a night (minimum) and only napping on my husband or I. But what was really frustrating was that it was taking us hours (2-4) to get her to sleep at the beginning of EVERY night. Eva helped us set up an ideal sleeping environment (black out blinds, white noise, etc.) and understand the importance of wake windows and routine. When she turned five months old we were ready to sleep train. Eva was there for us every step of the way. Her advice and expertise were monumental when it came to nap training - tricky for a lot of babies, ours included. Eva reviewed daily logs to track our daughter's progress and noted where tweaks were needed. Her prompt replies were appreciated during this difficult time. After about a month our daughter was sleeping through the night with one feeding AND napping three times a day in her crib (most days two naps are at least 60 mins long, sometimes 90 mins). My husband and I feel human again and are enjoying every moment we spend with our baby. But most importantly, thanks to Eva our daughter is happy, healthy, thriving and rested!!!


What a difference Eva has made in our lives! Our baby went from 30 minute naps, 5:00 am wake ups and an addiction to the carrier…. to 2 hour naps in his bed and a solid night sleep (most!) nights. It was hard work but Eva laid out a clear plan for us, supported me through the rough moments and gave me the tools needed to follow appropriate sleep science and give my baby the proper sleep he truly needed. Definitely recommend her!!


My husband and I contacted Eva based on a recommendation from a good friend. Our 13 mo old daughter was never a good sleeper, and after returning to work full time her night awakenings became more frequent and longer. We didn't know how to tackle this problem and new we needed professional help. We are so happy that we reached out to Eva!! She took the time to completely understand the situation as well as all the details regarding our daughter's daily routine. Eva then developed a plan that specifically addressed our desired goals. After implementing her advice, we noticed a huge improvement in our daughter's ability to fall and stay asleep. Today we are in a much better place than we were a month ago- we are all getting more sleep! We could not have done it without her expertise and ongoing support! She guided us through every step and was always there to monitor our progress and provide feedback. We truly appreciate Eva's help, and highly highly recommend her!!


We recently worked with Eva to sleep train our five month old. Eva was easy to work with and walked us through the entire process. With her support, we've established healthy sleep habits for our baby and know how to maintain these habits as she grows. Everyone in the family is better rested and happy! Thank you Eva!


Eva explained to me how to keep my 5.5 year old from waking up in the middle of the night to come to my bed (which he has been doing always). It worked the first night, and he has slept through the night for close to 2 weeks straight since Eva's coaching. LIFESAVER.


After months of sleepless days and nights, when our daughter reached 8 months, I hired a sleep trainer... And fired her a few days later, left feeling like my baby were given a "one size fits all" solution that didn't work for us. Then as the sleep deprivation went on, I eventually gave Eva a call. I was terrified & immediately told her HEARING MY DAUGHTER CRY WITHOUT RESPONDING IS AGAINST MY BELIEFS AND WILL POWER!!! So we worked on a slow transition, and funny enough, I probably cried more then my daughter in this process! Eva answered my sobbing calls with compassion and heard my struggles all the while giving me perspective. Finding independence is frustrating for everyone, yet for our 10 months old baby, it was necessary. All she was waiting for was for us to trust her. For me to support her while she found sleep on her own. Let me be clear here, she cried. But seeing the changes from day to day as she finally got the rest she needed gave me the strength to keep trusting Eva. Our daughter's joyful and playful personality is enhanced a million time! And my husband and I can go on dates & cultivate our Love. ... Because let's be honest, no one is the best parent, partner or friend when we're that sleep deprived 😉


Eva was absolutely wonderful to work with and helped me through what I found to be a really challenging process of helping our baby develop good sleep habits. Eva is non-judgmental, responsive, supportive and client-focused. She listened to my concerns, was flexible in her approach and helped us transition from 3 naps to 2 just in time for me to go back to work at 9 months. More than anything, I was grateful to have someone to talk through the daily decisions and understand how and why to make them. This ultimately helped develop my confidence so I could make those decisions myself…which I do now! Thank you Eva!! I will refer without hesitation!


Lifesaver!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I cannot say enough about how fabulous Eva is. We hired her as were we desperate because our 8.5 month old was waking 5-15 times a night (yes that's not a typo). Eva helped us to break his bad sleep habits (like needing a bottle and rocking to fall asleep) and provided us with step by step coaching, support and a personalized sleep plan tailored to our son. She was there every step of the way. As a teacher, I know the value and importance of individual plans and a one size does not fit all approach. By the end of our 3 weeks with Eva our son was sleeping through the night and almost fully nap trained!! Hubby and I walked away feeling way more confident and rejuvenated. When baby number 2 comes along we will be contacting her right away. Thank you thank you thank you Eva!!! You're literally our lifesaver.


Eva has really been instrumental in our son's " new found" positive sleep behaviours. We faced exhausting challenges when our son transitioned from a crib to a bed. It was difficult to find a balance between teaching him to stay in his room in a way that nurtured him feeling safe and loved as opposed to him feeling forced which was only resulting in oppositional behaviours and negative feelings. We called Eva by recommendation of our pediatrician. Since the first phone call - we have witnessed tremendous progress in our sons ability to fall asleep easily, remain in his bed throughout the night and moreover, enjoy his bed and nighttime routine! Eva made it possible to reach our goals in a way that respected our parental belief system by teaching us how to remain firm yet still be able to exert our message of love and security. Thank you thank you!!


Eva is amazing. With just one phone conversation she identified my 7 month old's sleeping issues. From there we put together a plan to get his napping back on track. Within the first day he napped better and slept better at night - no more night wakings before midnight!!! Since then she has been extremely proactive in following up to check in to find out how we are doing and answering any questions that I have had. Today my son is 8 months old and is sleeping through the night - 11 to 12 hours! I can't thank Eva enough! And I will say it again, I think her regular follow ups would rank her above and beyond any other sleep consultant. It's too bad I can't give more than 5 stars as a result


Contacting Eva was the best parenting decision I ever made. I wasn't looking for a sleep trainer but I saw how she had worked with other babies and what an amazing job she had done. I now look at the the time I've spent with my son as pre and post Eva. I struggled to come to terms with being a mum and life was not easy. 1st I had feeding problems and then came the sleeping issues, it felt like I would never enjoy being a mum. As hard as it is to break your habits and your child's habits Eva gently and kindly guides you through the process, empowering you to make the changes necessary to bring some sleep and happiness into your lives. I was amazed at how quickly my son adjusted and how easy it was. I wish I contacted her sooner and always want her advice on everything related to baby. She is a guru!!


We enlisted Eva's help based on the many positive reviews she had - our then 8 month old was waking every 2 hrs at night and I had already tried all the sleep training techniques that previously worked on my first child, but with no success. Eva is way more than a sleep trainer though - she helped us address my daughters's sleep issues from a very holistic approach - sleep environment, schedule, diet, BFing, overall health, everything! The intake questionnaire is thorough to say the least but I think that's why all of her recommendations truly helped! She provides a very tailored solution. My 9 month old now naps a solid 1-2 hrs twice a day and sleeps 11-12 hrs at night (except for tonight b/c I just jinxed myself!) ...honestly Eva is fantastic. Highly recommend her.


Eva was a godsend for me and my family. With our second child, we thought we knew everything there was to know about sleep but for months we struggled with trying to be rid of early morning wakings and short naps; we were all exhausted. Within 3 days of working with Eva, our daughter's sleeping habits were completely changed for the better; early wakings are now a thing of the past, she takes long naps and doesn't cry when she puts herself to sleep. Aside from being good at what she does, Eva's patience and fun personality made the whole experience great from start to finish. Thank you, Eva!


Eva is fabulous and was a huge help to us! She took the time to get to know our situation and baby and provided very specific and tailored guidance. She is kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable. Every recommendation was using a gentle and patient approach which my husband and I greatly appreciated. Our baby has never slept better and now we do too! Thank you so much Eva!!!!


Working with Eva was amazing. My baby had been getting up anywhere from 4-8 times per night since he was 3.5 months old, and by 7.5 months, with minimal sleep we were not in a good way. He also would not nap longer than 30 minutes at a time. My baby was extremely tired all day and my husband and I were struggling through each day with no sleep. Eva helped us immediately. She was very understanding of our parenting styles, and came up with a plan that was tailored to my baby's personality, and this was very important to us. With in days of implementing her step by step plan, we saw a difference, and by the end of our time working together, sleep had started to come back into all of our lives in a big way. My baby was so happy, well rested and I felt like a new person. I was initially terrified of the sleep training process but Eva's support really took that fear away. I wish we could have her on call all the time! Thank you so much Eva.


Calling Eva was the best decision ever. I was able to train my 2 year old to sleep through the night in 1 week. She's got great advice and will talk you through step by step on how to achieve your goals. I definitely recommend contacting her.


I had reached the point where I thought I would never sleep again or be a functioning human. I contacted Eva as a last resort and I am so glad I did! Eva was sensitive and came up with a plan that worked for my family that included minimal crying. I can't believe just 3 weeks later my boys are sleeping in the same room, through the night! Best decision I ever made and I highly recommend for anyone struggling with a sleepless child!


We were desperate when we called Eva to help us get our 5 month old to sleep better at night. She was waking every 2 hours and screaming - therefore waking my 2 year old up and making our nights a disaster! Eva taught me so much about daytime / nap training before targeting the night and how to ensure baby isn't overtired before bedtime. She was so spot on with nailing the issues and correcting them. Now we have structure to our days and peaceful nights. She is so patient and encouraging which absolutely helps to produce a positive outcome when it comes to sleep training.


Eva Klein is an amazing sleep consultant! I thought (like most other parents) that it was pretty much impossible to fix my baby's dreadful sleep pattern. She was my second baby and I was co-sleeping till 9 months. It got to the point where she would only take 25 minute naps and would wake up every hour. It was awful. Eva came over for our initial consultation with a plan already to go. I explained to her that I wasn't a huge fan of CIO and she based the plan around our needs and involved a gradual transition to get my daughter into her crib and sleeping on her own. I was dubious at first but followed Eva's advice to a tee and let me tell you, it worked! Eva is so so awesome. She helped make parenthood so much easier. Honestly, best $500 I've ever spent! Highly recommend without question.


Eva is amazing! My 5 week old was extremely difficult to put to sleep and would not sleep for more then 10 minutes at a time! After talking to Eva and following all her advice, my baby falls asleep on her own and sleep longer!! My baby is so much happier now!!


Eva was, honestly, a saviour for our family! She was patient, responsive, adaptable to our families needs and non-judgmental. As a first time mom, I enjoyed walking, rocking and holding my baby to sleep! That was until our lil squish turned four months and the dreaded four month sleep regression hit. As she had not learned to connect her sleep cycles, sleep on her own or fall asleep without my help, she began waking every 45 minutes, wanting to be held when she slept and she wasn't a fan of her crib! So, we reached out to Eva. Eva was sensitive to our parenting style and offered step by step suggestions for how to help our lil' one learn to sleep. When the first suggestion didn't work for our family, she had another strategy ready for us. Our 8 month old now takes her naps in her crib, and happily sleeps at night with one night feeding! What separates Eva from other consultants, is that she takes the time to make personal connections through follow up phone calls and emails to see how things are progressing. She answered all the questions we had, to help us, help our baby! I remember reading a review on here months ago, where one mother said she was now able to kiss her baby goodnight, put her in the crib, leave the room and the baby would drift to a blissful sleep on her own. At that time, I thought to myself 'that would never be possible for us!' I can proudly say, it is totally possible, thanks to the help of Eva!


Eva was highly effective at helping me teach my infant to sleep through the night and to take naps of appropriate duration at roughly consistent times every day. I was a "tough customer," in that I asked many questions and wanted to try different approaches. Throughout our communications, Eva was patient and adaptable. For example, when I decided I wanted to minimize crying, Eva helped me to find a gentler approach. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about different sleep-training strategies and all the relevant sleep science, Eva was an enthusiastic coach, helping me to set consistent wake times. Finally, Eva was always highly responsive, answering my emails promptly. Today, my 9-month-old takes two scheduled naps and sleeps through the night. I recommend Eva with no hesitation!


Eva solved my son's sleep problem in less than two weeks! At 17 months, he was waking up for a feed, or at 5 am or earlier to start the day. He had been that way for over a year and I was so exhausted. Eva looked over his schedule, made some changes to it and his routine, and like magic, he started sleeping beautifully. She was available when I needed on the spot advice. She worked with us on a daily basis to make whatever changes needed to be done until we figured it out. I am so thrilled to sleep all night and wake up past 6am. I can put my son down with ease for naps and bedtime without any anxiety over what might be to come. Thank you so much Eva! I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.!


Eva was the game changer for us when we decided to address our 7 mo son's sleep challenges. She set up a plan and helped us to follow through in a way that felt respectful to all members of our family. She also continued to work with us until we achieved all of our goals, extending beyond the original time frame. Thanks Eva for all your help! We are all sleeping MUCH better now 🙂


We initially decided to work with a sleep consultant so we could have a plan tailored to our son’s needs and to our parenting style. We decided to work with Eva in particular after a call she held with us before we hired her, where we were able to gain a glimpse of the dedication she had for her clients. In addition to a providing a sleep plan tailored to our family’s wants and needs, Eva remained committed to our success throughout the process. There was never a sense thatshe was ready to move on before we finished the process. Rather, she followed up with us early on to ensure we were keeping her updated on our progress so that she could continue to offer feedback and ways to adjust as necessary. While the value of the sleep plan can’t be understated, it was Eva’s commitment that we appreciated most of all: there was no guess work involved as Eva was there with practical advice that was on point every time. She made what we thought would be a fairly high-anxiety process unbelievably stress-free. Believe me when I say that you should just hire her. Thank you Eva for your guidance and support.


After 16 months of sleep deprivation, my husband and I were desperate. We reached out to Eva, and within 3 weeks she helped us to get my daughter sleeping! We went from waking up every two hours throughout the night to sleeping through the night! My daughter, the infamous stroller cat-napper, also became a solid crib-napper. We couldn't believe it. Thank you, Eva, for giving us the gift of sleep.


I call it sleep *guiding*. At 4/5 months I KNEW intuitively that my baby -just wanted to sleep-!! He really wanted to sleep AND stay asleep. I had no idea how to help him. We co-slept but he woke every 1-2 hours. We rocked, bounced, shushed and patted. Breastfeeding went down the drain. Looking back I can now see how him being so overtired contributed to that. Sigh. I was talking baby sleep with a fellow babywearing mama and she referred me to Eva. Best parenting decision ever. Eva formed our sleep plan around what we wanted as a family. And we shifted and shuffled the plan as needed. Every baby is different and Eva knew what needed to change as different issues came up. Yes he cried at the start (and some middle parts) of sleep guiding. But I KNEW he was just wanting sleep and frustrated that he couldn't find it. He cried more when he was overtired and no one was helping him. He'd probably still be crying! And frustrated! Baby is now 8.5 months old and he'll remind me with a little whine that it's nap time (if I forget...but I mostly don't). Now that Mom, Dad and babe aren't overtired and cranky we get to bond and enjoy each other. What a concept! 🙂 Thank you Eva for giving our family the abundant smiles and snoozes that we always wanted.!! 😉


Eva is EXCELLENT at what she does! Our baby was 9 1/2 months when we started working together. He had been up at night at least 2-3 times, and not napping regularly during the day, and only 30-45 minutes each. In less than a week we saw big sleep changes already! And in a short period of time he was sleeping 11 hours a night and well on his way to napping 2 regular naps a day. AMAZING!


After 7 months of total sleep deprivation we decided to seek help. Just from talking on the phone first time Eva was able to tell me exactly whats wrong with my daughter! Just after 1 day of starting the sleep training , my daughter was a completely different person. Waking up with a smile on her face! Not only did Eva help my daughter sleep properly and be well rested but she restored my sanity! I dont have enough words to describe how amazing this lady is! I am beyond happy that i got to work with you and i will be forever grateful for the amazing thing that u provided my family..which is SLEEP!!! Thank you again !


Initially I contacted Eva to get my five month to sleep through the night. But with her help we solved my daughter's entire day/ night sleep schedule. I didn't dream that her day naps could be lengthened from half hr naps to 1 1/2 hrs within a day! Eva patiently guided us to our final destination, without rushing into any extreme changes, waiting for my daughter to adapt.  I've worked with sleep consultants before, and Eva has it down. she'll support you through the method your comfortable with, understanding your child's biological/ development needs.  It's amazing how minor tweaks can make the difference. So to all those mothers who see no hope, search no more- Eva is the answer to your sleepless nights!


This baby had me stumped! I had sleep-trained her three older siblings at around 6-months-old without too much trouble. I had read a number of books on baby's sleep habits and I thought I knew all about the topic. Yet this baby, who had been colicky since the beginning, refused to "cooperate." Even at 8 months, she required long periods of intensive rocking to fall asleep, and then typically napped for only 15 short minutes. And there were too many days where she was going for hours and hours without any nap at all. I was frequently finding myself in tears from frustration and exhaustion; life just felt too hard! And then came Eva.  We could not believe how quick the turnaround was; with Eva's coaching, our baby quickly became happy and well-rested... and so was her mother. 😀 My husband and I - and even our big kids - continue to bless Eva for how much our lives have improved.  I had a sleep-coach was a luxury, but in truth, it was a necessity. My only regret was not having hired Eva sooner!


Eva is amazing. Our doctor advised us that we should wait until 6 months to sleep train our then 4.5 month old. He was up every 2 hours and had to be rocked to sleep. I couldn't handle it, I was a complete zombie. We met with Eva and she explained there are many different forms of sleep training and she would help us find the best option for our son. It took us about a month to do everything gradually, but now our son falls asleep on his own. And wakes one or two times to feed. We couldn't be happier. We look forward to working with Eva again when we tackle nap training! Highly recommend My Sleeping Baby!


Eva changed our life! My son is finally sleeping through (age 4) and so are we!  She gave us a tailored approached for my son that actually worked and we were completed supported by her the whole way through. I regret not finding her sooner!


We consulted with Eva when our daughter was about a month old and then again when she was ready for sleep training. Eva helped us understand the science behind infant sleep and worked with us to find a plan that was right for our family. My husband and I both feel like we have an education in sleep! Eva took a multi faceted approach and helped us to optimize our daughter's sleep environment, sleep/nap routine and awake time to encourage restorative naps throughout the day and sleep through the night. Having Eva to check in with over email or the phone during the first weeks of sleep training helped us manage any worries or confusion we had and kept us on track. She was extremely supportive throughout the process. I highly recommend Eva's services!


Eva SAVED my sanity. My 6 month old had been a horrible sleeper since she was about 4 months - and it got to the point where she was waking 10+ times a night! My nerves were shot. I could barely think straight - much less figure out what to do about it. Thank goodness I came across My Sleeping Baby...After just a few nights of gentle sleep training my little rock star slept through the night! Being sleep deprived was torture to both me and my baby. We're so much healthier and happier with that insanity behind us. I only wish I found Eva sooner!


Our little guy was never a great sleeper but at more than six months, our son was still getting up twice a night. We had heard about Eva from friends who used her to help their kids successfully sleep through the night. She did an in-home visit, made some good suggestions for his nursery and built us a plan that not only included the sleep training methods but helped prepare for training in advance to build his sleep bank. Once we started the training, our son slept through the night the first night and by the fourth night, went down without any fuss. I really liked her first-steps approach to sleep training and her ongoing support and check-ins to make sure our son was still on track. I'd happily recommend her services.


We first spoke with Eva when our daughter was a few months old as she was waking up every 1-2 hours (when her pacifier fell out of her mouth). Eva's support, guidance and patience helped us to successfully sleep train our daughter around 3.5 months and she now wakes only once a night for a feed! This change made a huge difference in our lives and we would definitely recommend Eva!


Eva is amazing! My baby's sleeping was a bit of a disaster - waking up multiple times at night, nurse to sleep, bad naps - but Eva was able to get us on a solid schedule and now he sleeps through the night!!!! Eva worked with us to figure out a sleep training method that worked for our baby and for our family. We can't thank her enough.


Our little guy had a major sleep regression and eva gave us a custom plan that we could implement. With Eva's plan, support and advice we got my guy to sleep through the night again.


Eva came to the rescue when our little guy would only nap in my arms and was waking multiple times in the night. After having challenges with another sleep consultant that we used with our first-born, we were a bit hesitant to pay for more support and on top of that, our little guy was a preemie and had really bad reflux, which only further complicated things. After a lot of conversations with Eva we felt she was the right fit to get our sleep issues sorted out and we were so right. She crafted a plan that took our son's prematurity and reflux into account and was there for us the entire process. We took our time and slowly got our son used to sleeping on his own. The end result is a child who is sleeping through the night (with one dream feed) and napping in his crib (sometimes for two hours at a time). He's happier and so are we. We couldn't have done it without Eva!


Eva is one of a kind and a master in her field. When we started my 11 month old was waking twice through the night and couldn't fall asleep for naps or bedtime with out nursing. However after 3 weeks (and a lot of email back and forth at all times of the day) Eva help my little guy get the rest he needed! Eva has also continued to help us work through hiccups we have had here and there and is always more than happy to answer my one off questions. Thank you Eva! You're the best!


I write this as my baby is peacefully napping in her crib: Eva was wonderful! She is very knowledgeable, accessible, and understanding. I had been nursing my 10 month old every 1-2 hours at night for months and I was beside myself with exhaustion, but I did not want to let my baby cry it out overnight (right for some people, not right for me). Eva listened and worked with me to create a gentler approach to sleep training and went at the pace I was comfortable with. She was very encouraging and creative, and I appreciated that she answered ALL of my questions! Her knowledge about infant mental health was an added bonus. My baby is now well-rested most of the time, and I have experienced more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep!! I would definitely recommend Eva, even if you are hesitant about sleep training. She came highly recommended to me by friends, and I am grateful for her expertise and help


Eva is amazing! We were going through a "sleep emergency", as our 7-month old was waking up 10 or so times a night. We called Eva and she came to the rescue! She wrote out a detailed, easy-to-follow plan, met up with us at our home and was able to assess important details that were affecting our son's sleep that we never would have thought of. After day one of implementing her plan, our son slept for 8 hours straight! We were amazed! Then as the nights went on, he slept even longer. She was always there for us when we needed to be in touch to ask any questions. I cannot thank her enough!


Eva was so helpful for our family. With confidence, respect and loads of attention to detail and insight into our rhythms and habits, she helped us get to where we want to be and coached as well as educated us so we have a handle on sleep - such an important part of parenting.


Eva was a pleasure to work with! I wish we would have contacted her earlier to get my little one’s sleep in order. I was co-sleeping with my baby at night and we had to rock and hold her for naps. On top of that, things got more difficult when the 4-month sleep regression hit. Eva was great at explaining things to me and gave me reasonable expectations as to what would work at my baby’s age. She was always quick to reply to all my questions, kept us consistent and her reminders really reinforced our sleep goals.


I considered getting a sleep consultant when my 8 month old will wake up 2 to 3 times a night and will cry inconsolably. She wouldn't stop crying even when I will put her in bed with me. She just did not want to sleep, or nap for long during the day. Eva came to our rescue and made a sleep plan for her. At first I was skeptical of moving her to another room all by herself but it worked wonders. Eva was very pleasant to work with. She was always available whenever I had any questions. In the end it worked out great for us and would totally recommend her to all sleep deprived parents out there.


I remember reading a review on her website someone had written, and it said something like, I couldn't imagine a time id be able to kiss my baby, say good night and put them down and they go to sleep but Eva made it possible. It made me cry to think that this was even possible. And it was! Our daughter was not napping well during the day and waking multiples times at night. With Eva's help and the schedule she made, our daughter now naps well and sleeps through the night. I couldn't believe that this was even possible, even with just a few minor tweaks sometimes. I am so happy we contacted her! She is very responsive and knowledgeable. Thanks Eva for helping us and our daughter get much needed sleep!


Definitely recommend Eva! We found her to be super flexible and helpful. Our son was a great sleeper...until that darn 4 month sleep regression. Eva helped us get our little guy back on track in a positive and supportive manner. Thanks again!


In a few short consultations Eva helped us with some very significant sleep issues affecting the most strong-willed toddler you will ever meet. Our little one went from a sleep terror to sleeping through the night in very short order despite having recently transitioned out of her crib and into a shared room. She's sleeping, we're sleeping and life is great. Thank you Eva!!


Eva is a godsend! I could not for the life of me get my baby to sleep in her crib let alone fall asleep herself in her crib. After having a customized plan with Eva, my baby now FALLS asleep herself in HER own crib within minuets of putting her down!!! Eva is very knowledgeable and experienced. Not only is this important but I choose Eva over other sleep consultant because Eva is so personable making it so easy to talk to her when problems arise. Eva is always just a phone call or email way, very easy to reach. Thank you Eva! I wouldn't have been able to do this without you! I would HIGHLY recommend Eva.


My LO was having a hard time at night. She would go down very easily on her own, but she would always need me to nurse her back to sleep in the middle of the night. She would wake up like clockwork if I didn't do a dream feed by 10:30, she was up at 11, and then 3 and then 5. Eva helped me figure out that nutrition was my problem and she was making up for those missing calories during the day, overnight. Thanks to her advice and guidance, we now have a 9 month old who is sleeping through the night, with no dream feed required. Thank you so much for all of your help and support!


I was ready to stop co-sleeping, but it felt like my 4 month old would never be able to sleep without me, without nursing to sleep. With Eva's support we made several small changes, and now she is able to sleep in her crib at night! The four month sleep regression hit us hard, and now after working with Eva we have gone from 5+ feeds per night to only 2. Having Eva's support and feedback to as we worked through the sleep plan made a huge difference. She was there every day to help me troubleshoot and guide us in the right direction, giving me the confidence to make the changes that have made all the difference.


I never really believed in working with a sleep consultant until my 2 year old became a terror when we tried to transition him into a toddler bed. When I first mentioned to Eva that my plan was to transition him into a toddler bed, she kept telling me that he is too young and it will most likely be very difficult and I need to have a lot of patience for what's to come. One week into the sleep plan, with only 2 hours of sleep per night and being 5 months pregnant, I gave up on transitioning and moved him back into his crib. I took Eva's word and allowed her to help me work on him sleeping throughout the night so that in a few months, transitioning him into a bed would be much easier. Eva was there for me along the way with support, tips and advice. She even told me how to eventually transition him into a bed when him and I are ready for it. This was the best decision I made. One month later and my son and I are both sleeping though the night - time for me to catch up on my zzzzz before baby #3 comes! Thank you Eva for your patience, understanding and making another mama very happy!!


I was ready to stop co-sleeping, but it felt like my 4 month old would never be able to sleep without me, without nursing to sleep. With Eva's support we made several small changes, and now she is able to sleep in her crib at night! The four month sleep regression hit us hard, and now after working with Eva we have gone from 5+ feeds per night to only 2. Having Eva's support and feedback to as we worked through the sleep plan made a huge difference. She was there every day to help me troubleshoot and guide us in the right direction, giving me the confidence to make the changes that have made all the difference.


Sleep training was one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made as a parent! Prior to speaking with Eva, I was co-sleeping with my 2.5 year old every night in her bed. We had recently moved into our new house and I wanted to allow time for my daughter to adjust to her new surroundings, as well as her new bed, so I made the decision to sleep the very first night with her. One night became two, and then before I knew it I was a permanent fixture in her sleep routine. My funny, sweet, and intelligent little girl became increasingly cranky and incredibly difficult to handle. She was already struggling with a bit of a speech delay, so the lack of “good” sleep compounded her frustrations. When I was finally at my wits end I decided to call Eva. I let her know that I was not interested in letting my little girl “cry it out”. She suggested a plan that utilized successive approximations so that my daughter would not feel “abandoned” in the process. Her plan, which included some further tweaking of my daughter’s sleep routine, worked! Fast forward to a month later and my daughter is now sleeping through the night on her own and waking up past 6 am (a miracle in our house). Within this time frame, my daughter’s speech has “snowballed”, she’s begun potty training on her own, and she seems to be the happiest she’s ever been! It is no exaggeration to say that sleep training changed our life! Thank you Eva!


I debated on whether I needed to work with a sleep consultant as my son wasn't a terrible sleeper, but our nights were very inconsistent and I was beginning to get very frustrated with never knowing what to expect. After my initial consultation with Eva, she was able to pinpoint the reasons he was so inconsistent and help us make the necessary changes. I can happily say now that he is very consistent and I am one well rested momma! She was very thorough and knowledgable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether your sleep challenges are big or small!


I reached out to Eva for help with my 9 month old son who was waking every three hours to nurse at night and had no schedule for naps. Over the course of a month and more than 50 emails back and forth we slowly and gently helped build a foundation of positive changes to allow him to sleep through the night. I cannot say enough good things about Eva's methods! They were structured and logical but gentle and kind. I really felt great about all the little changes that really made such a difference in the bigger picture. I really appreciated being able to visualize what my baby's day was supposed to look like and how to make that a reality. A few weeks ago my baby had a well visit and the doctor was very curious how we got him to sleep through the night because at our last visit I was a zombie and complaining that he was waking every two hours! She was writing down all of Eva's tips! This was by far the best money I have ever spent. There is nothing better than a full night's sleep!!


Eva, I want to thank you for helping us make our son, Logan become a great sleeper. Our biggest issues were that we were only able to get him to nap on us and he would wake up countless times throughout the night. He couldn’t self soothe either, which was frustrating. Both our families gave us strategies that worked for them, but these only added to our confusion. Eva was able to devise a sleep schedule and routine that worked within three days. She made it so easy for everyone in the family to follow, as I went back to work when Logan was three months. She was extremely accessible by email and telephone and was more than willing to work with us to tweak the program as needed.


At four months of age, my son would not nap! His naps were too short and I had a cranky child on my hands. Eva helped me come up with a plan that was practical and addressed my concerns. She provided excellent support and checked in frequently to make sure we were on track. I wish I had found Eva with my first child and saved myself a lot of hassle!


I was very hesitant to hire a sleep trainer before Eva with so much information available to us in this day and age. Working with Eva made everything easier, would not hesitate to use her again. She is flexible to both mama and babies needs are really will not be satisfied by anything less than a perfect sleeper. I appreciated her ability to revisit a plan, make changes as she got to know my LO and I better. Very knowledgable, supportive and non judgemental. Thank you Eva!


Working with Eva was a great experience and I absolutely recommend her to anyone struggling with their child's sleep habits. Sleep training was actually easy once Eva developed a plan that we felt comfortable with. She was very supportive throughout the process!


I contacted Eva when my daughter was 12 weeks - she was napping exclusively in a bouncer for 30 minutes at a time which I had to rock mechanically and was up in the middle of the night every 45 minutes. I felt like I was stuck on my couch rocking my daughter during the day and pacing my halls with her all night. Within a few short days of working with Eva, my daughter was sleeping for longer stretches during the day and began sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time at night. Eva also supported us to transition her into the crib and through nap training. Eva was extremely supportive and responsive to our needs - she provides individualized and thoughtful feedback to every sleep issue that arose. I recommend her to everyone struggling with their children's sleep issues - it was money and time well spent.


My only regret is...I didn't do this earlier! 3 weeks. We are done. Sleep training success. When we went to Eva Klein 3 weeks ago, we were pretty hopeless. I was actually certain this wasn't going to work. I didn't give my son enough credit and spent too much time listening to what other people thought of sleep training. There wasn't all that much crying and my son was never abandoned or alone. He is proud of himself now and his new learned skill. Our lives has improved dramatically and for me, a happy rested family is the most important thing to us. Happy Mom!


Eva was able to help my 1 year-old go from waking several times at night, nursing and co-sleeping to sleeping through the night in her crib on her own in less than a month. She gave us a nap schedule so that my daughter was taking proper naps and wasn't over tired, and then helped us through a gentle sleep training program to get her sleeping through the night.


I have loved working with Eva for the past few months. I had never wanted to "sleep train" as I strongly believe in responding to my baby's needs and offering her comfort when she needs it. However, when my daughter was still waking up several times a night to feed at 7 months, I had reached my breaking point and needed help! I love Eva's advice and non-harsh style. I appreciate that she does not recommend reducing night feedings until breastfed babies are solidly on 3 meals daily as well as breastmilk. I was certainly not comfortable with stopping night feedings for my EBF baby before this either. She gave me amazing tips on how to be responsive to my daughter overnight while also setting her up for sleep success. She helped me structure her days and gradually reduce night feedings such that my baby just gave them up herself with very minimal distress. We now reliably get 11 hour stretches of sleep at night and sometimes even longer. Eva's advice has made me a much more rested and happier mom. Thank you!


Our 10 month old had to be nursed, rocked, and sung to sleep in a carriage for 3 hours every night until Eva came to the rescue. Now I don't know what to do with all my free time at night 🙂 I put him down in his crib, give him a kiss and walk away. And the best part is that he barely cried. Thank you Eva!!


Eva saved my life! My 8 month old was not sleeping, waking up multiple times during the night for feeds, couldn't settle and wouldn't nap during the day. Having a baby is hard enough but having a baby on no sleep is the worst! Eva was positive and encouraging from the start, she gave me the confidence to gradually stop the night feeds and eventually get my daughter into her cot, in her own room! Eva changed our plan according to how my daughter was responding and gave me so much support. I now have a happier child who naps during the day and sleeps through the night! I would highly recommend Eva to anyone struggling with a restless baby.  Thank you Eva, you absolutely smashed it!


I started to work with Eva when my son was 7.5 weeks old. He wouldn't sleep during the day...at all...and on the rare occasions only in my arms. Nights weren't much better, with him only sleep on my chest for most of the night. With Eva's help, he now successful sleeps in his crib every night and at least 1 nap of the day. He went from a grumpy sleep deprived baby to a happy one. Eva was a great support and taught me alot about my baby's sleep needs. She also was great at getting prepared for potential sleep programs in the future. I am so happy to have some freedoms back as my son naps!

Baby's age: 4 months

I contacted Eva when I had hit rock bottom tired. We had been co-sleeping and at the 4 month mark she was fussy all night, waking up every two hours and her naps were all over the place. I cannot describe how tired I was. Because she wasn't sleeping she was grumpy all day and I made a decision to seek help when I saw how much it was affecting her. We had already started sleep training and we had gotten her to sleep some at night but it wasn't really working. Eva really helped me break bad habits like feeding to sleep. She also gave amazing tips that help my daughter want to sleep. I like that we worked one step at a time (nights first then each nap). It was less pressure on both the baby and I. I was surprised that two months in Eva will still checking in to see progress. She also helped me with managing sleeping while travelling and sleeping when sick. Within 10 days, my daughter was sleeping at night with one wake up (chosen) and doing her naps. And what's amazing is that she walked with us when my daughter started getting all over the place (I had introduced another bad habit) so that we can get back on track. My daughter is well rested now, she is super happy during wake times and I have started sleeping deeply again for at least 6 hours a night. I'm really satisfied with her work and would highlight recommend Eva.

Baby's age: 4 months

My daughter was a great night sleeper until 4 months! At this point she began to wake up every 2 hours at night to soothe herself back to sleep. I also had to hold her while bouncing on an exercise ball for all naps! Needless to say I needed a solution-enter Eva. Eva provided a beautiful outline for us to build routines around each nap and bedtime in order to create the expectation of sleep. This worked within the same day with my daughter beginning to anticipate the end of a wake window. She also provided guidance and objective emotional support when training overnight was hard.! My daughter is now 5.5 months corrected and is able to put herself to sleep in her crib without support (for naps and nighttime sleep) and is only waking for one feed at night! Thanks Eva!:)

Baby's age: 24 months

Our 2 year old who had a good sleep routine started wanting to come into our bed in the middle of the night. With Eva's help we figured out how to implement a program that got her back to sleeping confidently in her crib. We highly recommend Eva to anyone who wants to get their kids and themselves sleeping again!

Baby's age: 4.5 months

Hiring Eva was one of the best and most helpful things we've ever done! Our baby sleep like a dream up until about 4.5 months old, and then it all fell apart. We suffered through our exhaustion for a month before finally contacting Eva, and I wish I had of sooner! She was very good a assessing our needs and developing a plan to address our concerns. I was hesitant to contact a sleep consultant because I was worried that I would be forced to use the "Cry it Out" method, which is something that I'm not comfortable with. However, Eva listened to and acknowledged my concerns, and put together a plan that I was comfortable with yet still incredibly effective. It's now been two months since we initially contacted Eva, and my baby sleeps like a dream! She goes for naps and to bed with little to no fussing and she sleeps through the night! I would absolutely recommend Eva to anyone who is struggling to get their baby to sleep!


Eva was very easy to talk to and very knowledgable about sleep. She gave extremely helpful recommendations. Some of the recommendations worked immediately and the rest took a little more patience, but I felt confident we were doing the right things after speaking with her. Thank you Eva!


Just like everyone else I have nothing but good to say about Eva. We worked with Eva during an especially tough period when all of us (mom, dad and baby!) were sleep deprived, cranky and frustrated. We had read every article, every book, every blog we could on 'baby sleep' and had tried everything. Nothing worked...! Then Eva came into the equation and in less than 2 weeks we were all sleeping again. I don't even know how. But looking back, it's a combination of the little tweaks, little adjustments here and there, her chosen method and how she guided us during the process (and kept us consistent!) that brought us here. Thank you Eva!!

Baby's age: 8.5 months

Hiring Eva was the best decision I could have ever made. It was not an easy decision for me as I thought sleep training wasn't for us. Well at 8.5 months old I was beyond sleep deprived and felt like all I ever did was nurse her to sleep and pray when I set her in the crib that she wouldn't wake up. Naps were unpredictable and short if they happened at all and she still woke multiple times a night to nurse. Also we had yet to get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row at night before she would be awake to nurse, but most nights she was awake every 2 hours.  I finally decided to try sleep training. I called Eva and we went over all the things we were doing well and she helped us figure out what we could do better. Eva provided us with a sleep plan that fit with what I was comfortable doing and within a couple of days of sleep training my daughter was actually napping 1.5-2 hours she had only ever done this a handful of times in over 8 months. Then we were able to reduce her night wakings and night feeding. In just over a week my daughter slept through the night something she had never ever done. After sleep training I can put my daughter in her crib awake and she will fall asleep for naps and nighttime sleep on her own and she sleeps through the night.  The plan and amazing support Eva provides is truly the reason we were so successful sleep training my daughter. If you have sleep problems I highly recommend Eva, my only regret is not calling her sooner.

Baby's age: 4 months

If you are a parent that can't function anymore due to the lack of sleep - CALL EVA NOW! It will be the best phone call you make. From the moment I spoke with Eva on the phone for a 15 minute consultation to see if she would be the right fit for helping me with my 4 month old son that's sleep was little to none, I knew there was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. My son was lucky to get 3-4 hrs at night and maybe 20-30 min naps twice a day but only falling asleep to being bottle fed. Eva helped my son through an intense bottle rehab phase so he stopped associating it with falling asleep and created a sleep schedule that I was comfortable with implementing with my sons young age. After two weeks of sticking to it, my son was sleeping from 7-6am and napping 3 times a day for 1-2hr intervals and I officially got my life back. From a mom that didn't see hope of sleeping again, I highly recommend Eva!

Baby's age: 4.5 months

I contacted Eva when my daughter was 4.5 months old. We were already at our wits end, she would wake up every 30 min...All. Night. Long. Sometimes it would be 6-10 minutes. We were constantly stressed, and couldn't see a way out. I couldn't let her cry, didn't want her to cry, and got so emotional and upset even thinking about how we would solve the problem. I didn't actually sleep train officially until N was 6 months old. I kept delaying it, her dad was on and off board with it as well. Eva was patient and super informative and even let us put our package on hold until we were ready. The tips she gave to prepare N for the dreaded day were so helpful that it made actually sleep training her a breeze. We were all ready, even baby girl. Thank you Eva for your help and expertise. We now have a super sleeper. I feel like a new woman. We have our lives back!!


Hiring Eva was the best decision ever! She really helped with making sure my schedule was ideal, and I was setting myself up for success. We went from holding for every nap, rocking to sleep and co sleeping, to beautiful naps and nights in her own room! She's there to support you in every way and I don't think It would have been as easy without her.

Baby's age: 5.5 months

We decided to hire Eva because we had several issues to address (nursing to sleep, naps not in crib, waking several times in the night etc). I liked her gentler approach, and she is so knowledgeable. Working with her helped solve all of these issues. At 5 1/2 months he slept 10-12 hours without a feed (plus naps)! I liked that I could email her his schedule every day and get feedback, as well as all of my questions. We are all so much happier now

Baby's age: 7 months

I reached out to Eva when my son was about 7 months old. I had spent many months trying to sleep train him on my own - reading, talking to others, following sleep discussions online, etc. It just wasn't working. At 7 months my son was still waking up every 1 - 2 hours at night and would cry at times for an hour or more. His naps were inconsistent, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes over an hour. I was exhausted and my husband and I were out of ideas - not to mention having trouble staying on the same page in our sleepless state! I was hesitant to contact a sleep consultant because I thought I could do it without help (I have a 6 year old who sleeps very very well).... but once I did, it turned out to be the best decision I have made. I only wish I had done it sooner! Eva was super patient and incredibly helpful. We initially had a one hour call where we discussed every part of my son's sleep routines - from what he sleeps in to what we do when he wakes up crying. She identified several small things that when put together were likely creating bad sleep associations and causing the night wakings. I implemented some key changes right away and then corresponded with Eva for 2 more weeks, troubleshooting on off days. She kept me in focus when I thought it was a lost cause and gave me practical tips throughout the process. It took about 3 weeks but now my almost 8 month old is napping well and sleeping well. And for the first time since he was born I can say I am rested! Another huge benefit of the process was that it eliminated debate between my husband and I. Before I worked with Eva we would be up at 2, 3 4am debating what we should do about our crying baby. Working with Eva gave us something to follow and together we stuck to the plan. If my son's sleep habits change in the future I would certainly reach out to Eva once again. I highly, highly, highly recommend her and the advice she gave!!

Baby's age: 12 months

Are you reading these reviews because you're trying to justify paying someone to help fix your baby's sleep? JUST DO IT. Our firstborn was a breeze; we rarely had to put any effort into sleep training or working on wake times or naps. We didn't know how good we had it. Enter second child. Months of napping in our arms, naps lasting 10 minutes if it was in his crib, MOTN wake ups, up for the day at 4:30 for MONTHS. It never ended. We were dead on our feet and one morning I literally snapped and said I couldn't do it anymore-so we hired Eva when our son was 1. She helped us identify some key issues in our son's sleep & clearly outlined how to move forward. She checked in with us often and was always quick to respond whenever I had questions. (Which was a lot.) I can't recommend her highly enough. I wish I'd done it sooner! You cannot put a price on your sanity. We're all rested and happy now, thanks to Eva.

Baby's age: 2.5 years old

We worked with Eva and she’s the real deal. Great advice, strategy and support for our 2.5 year old who got use to sleeping in our bed. Its a work in progress but its slowly working. To all my friends who pmed me and asked about Eva.... your family deserves to sleep... hire Eva... she’s so worth it!!!!


What I liked about Eva was that she really listened to what I already knew about my toddler’s routine and sleep habits and worked with it to improve the situation, instead of forcing my toddler into a preset mould based on age. She has a great personality which made her very easy to work with. I never felt rushed or ignored and my emails were always responded to promptly. She also gave me tips on how to handle any future changes or obstacles that may arise as my toddler grows. I’ve worked with multiple sleep consultants and if I ever had to work with one again in the future, I would call Eva. If you’re considering hiring sleep help and intimidated by the cost, I would say this: going from being a family with very little sleep to amazing sleep... you cannot put a price on that. We are all physically and mentally happier and healthier because of it.

Baby's age: 18 weeks

I sought Eva's help when my LO was 14 weeks old and playing a fun game called "let's wake up every 90min at night". She was so helpful in setting up his sleep environment and establishing good sleep habits so that when it came time to sleep train him at 18 weeks we were all prepared! She answered all of my questions patiently (especially since I'm sure I asked the same questions more than once lol) and sleep training was so much less scary with her optimistic support! We will forever be grateful for helping us first time parents out!

Baby's age: 8 months

My first born slept through the night quite early without any sleep training. We were lucky. For my second, things were completely different. I didn't know what was normal and thought I could figure it out by researching, reading, and trying different things. Nothing seemed to work and I realized that it won't be easier as she gets older. After hearing about Eva from close friends who were previous clients, I decided to try for myself. My daughter was 8 months old at that point and we really wanted some uninterrupted sleep. She had a good starter plan and we twerked things along the way. The main issue was nursing back to sleep during her night wakings. Then we had early wake-up times (5/5:30am). We managed to slowly eliminate them both. It wasn't easy but we did it and my baby girl sleeps through the night! She has random wake-ups here and there, but generally is a great sleeper! Thank you Eva!

Baby's age: 6 months old

When I contacted Eva my 6 month old daughter would only fall asleep if she was nursing, would cry like the world was ending if I put her down in her crib and was waking every 2 hours all night. I was really feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. After consulting with Eva and following her step by step sleep plan my daughter now falls asleep on her own, no nursing, and she’s sleeping through the night!! 11 hours!! Magical! Trust the sleep science it works and Eva is an amazing support through the tough changes required so everyone gets a good night sleep.

Baby's age: 7 months old

Eva provided great help and guidance with our 7 month old daughter who was consistently waking early. She is now sleeping to between 6 a.m. and 6:30 most days. She mostly now nurses just once in the night. It is very rare for her to wake up at all before 1 am and when she does, she generally puts herself back to sleep. Eva's tips and follow-up were immensely helpful. I particularly appreciated her straight forward approach.

Baby's age: 3.5 months

I started working with Eva when my baby was 3.5 months old and I was very close to losing my mind from lack of sleep. My baby would wake every 1-2 hours all night long and could only be soothed by being nursed. She also barely napped during the day and would get super cranky as the day progressed. Eva helped with everything from my baby’s sleep environment, bedtime routine, nap routines, nap schedules, wake windows and more…honestly things you think you can just learn from a Google search but she really gets a sense of your baby’s schedule, needs, etc. and I ended up learning a lot. My baby had horrible acid reflux and weight gain issues so she took that into consideration when working with us. Once my girl was 4 months we started a gentle form of sleep training (I'm too weak for Ferber) and Eva was extremely patient with me as sometimes I would slip or just give in to my baby and I was always honest with her and she would encourage and motivate me to keep trying and to be as consistent as possible so we could get results. Now at 6 months my baby is very happy, has consistent naps and sleeps much better (in her crib and not on my chest or beside me!). I would recommend any sleep-deprived parents reach out to Eva!

Baby's age: 9 months old

At 9 months I finally contacted Eva for some help after getting referred to her by some others. My daughter co slept with me since she was born. She would wake with no exaggeration every 20 to 30 min all night. I would have to be in bed with her by 6:30pm. If I tried to leave or turn away she would wake up. Everytime she woke I had to nurse her. Exhausted was an understatement. I tried c.i.o for 2 days. 75 min or screaming with no end in site didn't sit well with me.  Not all babies respond to all methods the same. Eva helped me with a more gentle approach that I was looking for. I spoke to Eva today and told her at the beginning of our first call I did not think for 1 second that this would work. Well... it did! It's only been a few weeks but she s in her own room and sleeping most of the night . So thank you Eva !

Baby's age: 5 months old

Our family has been so pleased with working with Eva. We reached out to her after our second baby was 5 months old and we were struggling with frequent night wakings and poor naps. Eva was very responsive to our questions and guided us through a plan which has helped our whole family function more effectively. We found Eva to be very empathic, prompt in responding, and helpful when we encountered any setbacks. I would recommend working with Eva to any parents who are looking for an invaluable sleep resource!


What a pleasure to work with Eva! Her friendly, knowledgeable and caring approach is remarkable. Highly recommend!

Baby's age: 5 months old

There’s a lot of information out there, but when it comes down to it, I needed someone to help me sort out that information and hold my hand through the training part. Now my 5 month old who was waking up every hour is now sleeping through the night! Thanks Eva!


After one year of being sleep deprived, my husband and I were desperate! I had read all books and websites but didn’t really know how to put things together and help my daughter sleep! We found Eva and after trying everything on our own, we decided to hire her and it was the best investment we made since our baby was born! She helped us with her schedule, her naps and bedtime routines, her sleep environment, and the sleep training! I was really afraid to start the sleep training because I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I thought that my daughter would be the hardest baby (she really knows how to scream!!), and I weak when it comes to her crying! But with Eva's daily support, we could do it and within one week I had a baby waking up only once to nurse, and a few more days, sleeping 11 hours straight, in her own crib!!! And 2 good naps during the day! I really thought that this was never going to happen! I also really liked that we got free access to the sleeping bible, which already helped me with sleeping issues because of a bad cold that came ahead! Thank you, Eva!!!

Baby's age: 6 months old

I recently worked with Eva to sleep train my son when he turned 6 months. I'm so glad I reached out to Eva before I attempted to do this on my own with no support. I was already so sleep deprived and frustrated after 3 months of 10+ wakings at night and having to rock, walk, bounce, nurse and sit with my son to get him to go to sleep only to have him wake up 20 minutes later. I especially felt the urgency to get my son's sleep resolved as he was soon getting a corrective helmet to wear 23 hours a day. As soon as I started working with Eva she instantly knew what the issues were with my son's sleep and started to give us the foundation he needed to successfully sleep train. With that, our son got the hang of falling asleep on his own within 25 minutes the first night of sleep training and we haven't looked back since! Her daily emails and advice were so helpful and really gave me the confidence I needed to stay the course, especially with my son's nap training (which unfortunately wasn't as easy as night training) and he is now doing great with naps. For anyone having trouble with their infant's sleep, do yourself a favour and contact Eva!


If you need a sleep trainer look no further!! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazed I am with the progress our daughter made while sleep training with Eva. Honestly it was a miracle. I’ll never forget Eva telling me by the time we’re done I’ll be able to just put my daughter in the crib and walk out of the room and she’ll just go to bed. I laughed thinking, yah right. Well after 3 weeks that’s exactly what happened, plus she sleeps through the night without waking up at all. Honestly it’s like magic. I’m so happy with the results and I can’t thank Eva enough. The best money ever spent. If you’ve decided whatever you’re doing doesn’t work call Eva. Your baby will sleep like a baby and so will you


We called Eva when our formerly fantastic sleeper seemed to hit a regression, but then never recovered. Our daughter had been sleeping through the night from a very early age, but her excellent sleeping patterns also gave way to some bad habits. After a few months of declining sleep and eventually hourly wakings, we reached our breaking point and reached out to Eva. She came to our home, met us and our daughter, and really took the time to learn about our family, our routines, and expectations. Based on our daughter’s age and personality, Eva recommended very specific strategies and interventions to use to sleep and nap train her simultaneously. We were worried because our daughter was one year old, and we were fearful that her stamina and frustration at this change would make it a very difficult experience. Eva reassured us otherwise, and laid out a plan we felt comfortable with. The first night exceeded our expectations beyond anything we could have imagined! She slept through the night! And continued too! She hasn’t turned back since and her sleep training was a phenomenal success! She has a clear sleep and bedtime routine, along with naps. We noticed a difference in her personality almost immediately - she was happier, less cranky, and eating better. I can’t recommend Eva highly enough. She was super responsive, extremely helpful with specific strategies and actions, and took the time to explain everything. She is excellent at what she does and gets the results as promised!

Child's age: 4 years old

Eva was recommended to us by a close friend. My husband and I have a 3.9 year old little girl who had regressed with her sleeping habits and wasn't able to go to bed without us by her side and to complicate matters even more, she was waking up every single night in the middle of the night and coming into our bed with us. Eva was honest, didn't make us commit to a package and put together a plan that worked for us that was customized based on where we were at in our sleep training cycle that we had created for ourselves prior to reaching out. Eva and I had a consultation over the phone and I knew from our discussion that she was the solution we needed. I am so happy to say that within one week, my husband and I were not only out of our daughters room, sight and out of the hallway - we were putting our angel down earlier, she was falling asleep unassisted and hasn't had any more night wakings. She sleeps in bed all on her own. Eva was a life-saver. My husband and I could not have done it without her help. I would highly recommend Eva! She is easy to talk to, very personable, knowledgeable and has your concerns as her primary interest at heart. She is a problem-solver and has ideas that you might not have thought of before. Thank you Eva!

Baby's age: 4 months old

Eva is amazing! We worked with a previous sleep consultant for my then, 4-month old, who was sleeping with me in the bed at night (waking 6-8+ time a night) and on me for naps. I had no escape! After 2.5 months of working with this other sleep consultant and getting only about 25% of the way better, I decided to put my trust in Eva instead. I'm so glad I did! I had a consult with her on a Wednesday, and by that Friday, it was the night to start- and that night was the first night that not only did he sleep in his own room, but he only woke up twice! Then within a few more nights- he was only waking up once to nurse. And he was also taking his naps by himself in his own room too, and not on me anymore! He's almost weaned completely from his one night nursing too, so it's been a relief! It's been a real life changer and we're so glad we hired Eva to help make this happen!

Baby's age: 9.5 months old

If you are looking for a sleep consultant look no further! I had a 9.5 month old who needed to be nursed and rocked to sleep day and night. She was barely napping and was up EVERY 40 MINUTES the ENTIRE NIGHT!!!! My pediatrician recommended Eva to me and I am so thankful I made that call. I wish I called her sooner. I do not know how I survived on little to no sleep for almost a year! She had a wonderful approach that I was comfortable with and I knew that my daughter would not feel stressed or abandoned. In just DAYS my life completely changed for the better. I was convinced my daughter would NEVER sleep and was told by friends and family “she’s just not a good sleeper!” No!! I was preventing her from being a great sleeper! Everyone I know is in complete shock when I tell them my daughter is now sleeping 10-11 hours straight ever night!! Thank you Eva, thank you!!!

Baby's age: 4 months old

Eva and her program have honestly changed my life. I started sleep training when my son was 4 months old. I went from being the mom who’s baby NEVER slept (my bad habits mostly) to having my friends ask me for sleep advice. Eva offered one on one support and her online program has been fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgemental and always friendly. I now have a baby that can sleep 10-12 hours straight in his OWN CRIB!!! Independent napping and a better understanding of his day to day needs. We used to co-sleep and ever since we began sleep training 3 months ago- he’s been completely on his own.  There are actually no words that could be used to tell Eva how truly thankful we are for the work she did with Theo. You don’t truly understand the stress of it all until it happens to you and feeling helpless is not something anyone wants to feel.  I will be forever grateful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


I strongly recommend Eva's Sleep Bible! The videos in the course contain so much information and so much insight! The course taught me how to approach sleep training and everything associated with sleep training (ex: wake windows, nutrition). It's a whole new mindset that I learned about in this course! In a matter of a few weeks, we went from our baby waking up nightly for a feed and me sleeping on the baby's bedroom floor (!) to pacify her for multiple night wakings to a baby that knows how to put herself to sleep for naps and at bedtime and sleeps 11-12 hours straight every night. She is a happier baby now because she is so well rested! And my husband and I are sooo much happier because we're well rested too!! Really amazing!!! Thank you Eva!

Baby's age: 4 months old

Eva has created a wonderful program and community with the Sleep Bible and has helped me tremendously! My first baby was difficult at first, but once we sleep trained, he was a breeze in the sleep department so I thought I had this whole baby sleep thing figured out. Nope! My second baby was so much easier right at the beginning so I didn’t think we’d have any sleep issues, but babies will be babies, and I was completely at a loss come that dreaded 4-month regression. I joined Eva’s Sleep Bible Program and learned SO much. I learned that even though my son went to sleep for the night awake, he was waking multiple times because I was actually nursing him back to sleep (nursing in the dark when you’re half asleep is super tricky!) I also couldn’t imagine my son would ever be able to nap in his crib (for the first 6 months naps were on me in the carrier or in the car seat or stroller) but with Eva’s support and guidance, as well as the amazing support from the community of parents she has built, he actually started having nice, long, predictable naps in his crib! The foundation videos were incredibly informative and provided me with the tools to tackle all the sleep issues that you can imagine. The other parents in the group offered so much support, comfort, and assurance in that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. I am so grateful for Eva’s help and feel so much more confident in my abilities as a mother when my son throws me a curveball in the sleep department. I cannot thank you enough Eva!

Baby's age: 5 months old

I started Eva’s sleep bible program when my son was 5 months old and I was very sleep deprived. I wanted a one stop shop for sleep training and was lucky enough to find the sleep bible Group. Her videos were a breath of fresh air as they concisely explained step by step processes. I got my sleep back and felt I wasn’t alone every step of the way as Eva is always available to troubleshoot!

Baby's age: 12 months old

My son was close to turn 12moths and was not sleeping though the night. He used to wake up every 2 hours. He was not resting well and my husband and I were exhausted . After working with Eva for 3 weeks, my little one now sleeps all night, 10 hours straight and improved his naps (more consistent). Eva was great support and was always gentil and encouraging. Fast on responding to our questions and concerns and always adapting the methods to our family needs. Working with Eva was one of the best decisions I made for my family! I highly recommend her!


Absolutely recommend Eva klein! Our son was waking up between 10 and 20 times a night. I joined the Sleep Bible Program and Eva helped us every step of the way to sleep train him. I would have been so anxious attempting it without an expert guiding me. She answered all my incessant daily questions and came up with a creative solution to get him to sleep in till morning when nothing else was working. Yay Eva!!


Eva has been an incredible resource to our family for both of our children. She is patient, creative and really takes the time to get to know your situation. She has been such a great help through infant, baby and toddler sleep issues and we are better off having her routines implemented. Highly recommend!

Baby's age: 15 months old

Eva was so helpful!! I wish we hadn’t waited so long to connect with her. With her help we managed to get our 15 month old sleeping through the night again after we had gone several months of him sleeping like a newborn again. He’s our third kiddo and I really thought we could do it on our own.. but not all kiddos are the same and Eva’s help was all we needed! Thanks for getting us some much needed sleep Eva 😊


We thought we knew what to do sleep wise with our 3rd baby, but we had a rude awakening - he was by far our hardest. Eva was there to help us through with different ideas and tips throughout our sleepless nights. With her private Facebook group, we were able to ask unlimited questions and get tailored advice to help our needs.


I took Eva's Newborn Sleep Series in anticipation of my 2nd child's birth. The newborn stage was so rough the first time around, and I wanted to have some extra strategies in my arsenal this time. The program was comprehensive- discussing wake windows, optimal sleep environment, common sleep disrupters etc. Most of all, I appreciate Eva's realistic and non-judgemental approach. I would absolutely recommend this program to any new parent, or someone wanting a refresher on infant sleep.


Don't wait. If you're starting to research 'sleep consultants' and you're feeling sad, desperate, and most of all, sleep deprived, just contact Eva. Don't put it off, or keep hoping it will get better. Just contact her. She will help you in a way that works best for you, your family, and your baby/child. Eva created a sleep plan for our son that completely changed his sleeping. He went from waking up after 20 minutes during every nap, to going down right away and sleeping all the way through! He no longer wakes up during the night either - this all happened because of the right tweaks to his sleep schedule. Tweaks I never would have known to make on my own. She was with me every step of the way offering solutions to any issues that came up. Now my baby - and me - get some sleep!


Eva was amazing. Totally helped us get into a routine with our little one. Worth every penny

Baby's age: 5.5 months old

Literally my kid DID NOT SLEEP! On December 31st 2018 we started sleep training. My husband and I just finished eating a homemade meal and we are both currently sipping adult beverages and doing work. In about 20 minutes we will head upstairs 🙂 Got our nights back. Feeding our 5.5 month old only once per night. Happy times in my house! Thanks Eva!


Thank you very much for helping get our baby sleep through the night and tweaking his nap schedule! Life is different now that we are all sleeping!!

Baby's age: 11 weeks old

I have been working with Eva since my baby was 11 weeks old (she is now 2). It didn't take me long to realize after she was born that I had no clue about the science of baby sleep, and relying on my own intuition/hoping for the best was not working out. Today my baby has fantastic sleep skills. I kept working with Eva because I knew that we would eventually face bumps on the sleep road (we've had a few tough regressions) and it's been a huge help having someone to turn to immediately rather than experimenting with my own ideas and getting frustrated (which still happens to some degree). I am expecting a baby in a few months and feel much more hopeful and optimistic about baby sleep this time around!


Eva was absolutely fantastic to work with! We were months dreading naps and bedtime as our "sleep trained" toddler was having issues sleeping. We felt we tried everything to fix the issue. Eva was able to pinpoint the problem areas from a short conversation and give suggestions that worked almost immediately! we have had more sleep in the last 8 days than we have the last 8 months! HIGHLY recommend her!!

Baby's age: 1 year old

Eva and her sleep consulting has given us our lives back! We used her after almost a year of suffering with our little one waking up constantly several times a night and in many cases staying up for 2-3 hours at a time, all the while having nightmares as well from being over tired. Outside of her teaching us some core things we needed to know about sleep and putting our little on a routine to get her prepped for better sleep, the best part of it was that she adjusted to what we found acceptable. We originally were not willing to go with a sleep consultant because we had a belief that a painful crying it out method was the only option and we did not want to explore that. Eva listed to us and adjusted her plan for our baby specifically based on the daily feedback we were giving her and got us to the holy grail. Our baby girl is now sleeping through the night, with no nightmares at 11 hours per night. She loves her bed time routine and doesnt even fight it anymore. It is truly incredible and unimaginable to think we could even have this. We really owe Eva and would 100% recommend her to anyone who is suffering through sleep issues with their kids. I know we will be coming back to her if we have a second child as we will start the process way earlier. Thanks again Eva, from the bottom of our hearts!


Eva brought back the life into my life! My little one has always been a phenomenal sleeper, but after enrolling in daycare, he lost all of his sleep habits. (How come? That's another topic that requires another place to be discussed). But the reality was that I didn't realize his sleep issues came from there. My little one began waking up every hour of the night, screaming and depending on a bottle to get back to sleep. He was continuously sleep deprived and so was I. He grew extremely irritable and nothing worked. I thought it was a sleep regression, then a growth spurt, then teething, but it never occurred to me the issue was external because he was born a great sleeper. It came to the point that I began praying for miracles, when one morning I woke up with the realization that I need to contact a sleep therapist. After several people recommending Eva, I contacted her. Eva was supportive from the very beginning, putting her heart and devotion into helping me and my little one return back to life pre-daycare. She gave me great amounts of useful information, carefully assessed my and my son's living environment and habits and created a plan that worked for us perfectly. I began seeing improvements FROM DAY 1!!! The schedule and recommendations she designed for us work flawlessly. She was patient with me when my son went through a series of illnesses and issues and continued her support without a moment of hesitation. When finally things were back to normal in the health department (I should point out that Eva's therapy WAS NOT the cause of the health issues), my little one seamlessly returned his sleep habits and is currently back to the child I knew before. On top of that, Eva and I had set several goals, which my LO achieved naturally while I followed Eva's recommendations and daily support. He is happy, sleeps like a rock, has internalized the sleep patterns and schedule, so I don't have to fight with him when he goes to bed, rather he falls asleep on his own. But most of all, when he wakes us at night (rarely), he falls back asleep ON HIS OWN! So, when I say Eva brought back the life into my life. She truly did! Thank you, Eva. You are a blessing and your touch has profoundly improved my and my son's life.


I had tried hiring a sleep consultant from another company where they give you a templated, one-size-fits-all, sleep program that wasn't working for me or my baby, and they weren't able to adapt to our needs. I was so desperate for both me and my baby to sleep when I came across one of Eva's webinars. I loved how clearly she explained babies habits, how openly she answered questions. I signed up for her Sleep Bible after that and it was the best decision ever. It is so easy to watch videos and a great way to do it with your partner, so both of you are on the same page. Eva doesn't push things that might make you uncomfortable and all of the questions that were left hanging with me after my previous sleep consultant experience, were answered by Eva, through the Sleep Bible videos without even asking. She offers so many types of sleep training and clearly explains how to execute them. She answers as many questions as you have through her members only FB group. It was seriously much better support, for a much more reasonable price than I had received from my one-on-one consultant. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with sleep and just needs that extra support to get their baby and themselves sleeping again.

Baby's age: 4 months old

The knowledge we have gained from listening and talking to Eva has truly been a life saver! Our second daughter is four months old. From day one, we strictly followed the lessons of the newborn sleep webinar and we are sleeping much better than we did after our older daughter was born! Thank you so much!


So grateful to Eva for helping us get our daughter on a schedule that works so well for our family! Not only is she sleeping, but she is happy!

Child's Age: 3 Years Old

My 3 year old is able to sleep in his own bed now thanks to Eva's Sleep Bible program and it has made a huge difference!!!


Went from 10 wakeups a night to none at all! Eva has saved us frm the torture of interrupted sleep and we will be forever grateful. Highly recommend!

Baby's age: Toddler

Eva has been such an incredible help to me and my family. My toddler hit a huge sleep regression, which was causing us a lot of stress. Eva was a great sounding board and with sound advice. Her strategies were very practical. I couldn't recommend her more. She really understands the value of a well rested parent. Thank you Eva!


Eva has made a significant and positive impact on our lives! She has a wealth of expertise and can tailor all of her knowledge to families' specific needs, with a focus on the well-being of parents AND children

Baby's age: 2.5 months

Eva's newborn sleep coaching program was a godsend! Because of everything I learned, my baby started sleeping 8-9 hour stretches by the time he was 2.5 months-old! Her course made me feel so confident throughout those first few months of my baby's life, I don't know what I would have done without this program! I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you!

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