Zhanna, Richmond Hill, Ontario

At 9 months I finally contacted Eva for some help after getting referred to her by some others.
My daughter co slept with me since she was born. She would wake with no exaggeration every 20 to 30 min all night. I would have to be in bed with her by 6:30pm. If I tried to leave or turn away she would wake up.
Everytime she woke I had to nurse her. Exhausted was an understatement.
I tried c.i.o for 2 days. 75 min or screaming with no end in site didn’t sit well with me. 
Not all babies respond to all methods the same.
Eva helped me with a more gentle approach that I was looking for.
I spoke to Eva today and told her at the beginning of our first call I did not think for 1 second that this would work.
Well… it did!
It’s only been a few weeks but she s in her own room and sleeping most of the night .
So thank you Eva !