Yochi, New York City, NY

Eva literally changed our lives around. My 15 month old was never a good sleeper, and as he got older, it got worse and worse, to the point that his naps meant sleeping on mommy and night time sleep meant waking up every few hours.
After hearing a detailed report about everything about my son; his eating habits, his sleeping habits, his general temperament and general schedule, Eva came up with a game plan. After just one week, my son took a nap for this first time without falling asleep on me! After 3 weeks, my son is going down beautifully every day for a nap, and pretty much sleeps through the night!

Eva was extremely understanding with all the changes that kept happening, our funny schedules, and actually changed the game plan in the middle when we saw something different was needed.
I am grateful every day now for the day I decided to reach out to Eva. Thank you!