Warren, Toronto, Ontario

We initially decided to work with a sleep consultant so we could have a plan tailored to our son’s needs and to our parenting style. We decided to work with Eva in particular after a call she held with us before we hired her, where we were able to gain a glimpse of the dedication she had for her clients. In addition to a providing a sleep plan tailored to our family’s wants and needs, Eva remained committed to our success throughout the process. There was never a sense thatshe was ready to move on before we finished the process. Rather, she followed up with us early on to ensure we were keeping her updated on our progress so that she could continue to offer feedback and ways to adjust as necessary. While the value of the sleep plan can’t be understated, it was Eva’s commitment that we appreciated most of all: there was no guess work involved as Eva was there with practical advice that was on point every time. She made what we thought would be a fairly high-anxiety process unbelievably stress-free. Believe me when I say that you should just hire her. Thank you Eva for your guidance and support.