Vittoria, Toronto, Ontario

I recently worked with Eva to sleep train my son when he turned 6 months. I’m so glad I reached out to Eva before I attempted to do this on my own with no support. I was already so sleep deprived and frustrated after 3 months of 10+ wakings at night and having to rock, walk, bounce, nurse and sit with my son to get him to go to sleep only to have him wake up 20 minutes later. I especially felt the urgency to get my son’s sleep resolved as he was soon getting a corrective helmet to wear 23 hours a day. As soon as I started working with Eva she instantly knew what the issues were with my son’s sleep and started to give us the foundation he needed to successfully sleep train. With that, our son got the hang of falling asleep on his own within 25 minutes the first night of sleep training and we haven’t looked back since! Her daily emails and advice were so helpful and really gave me the confidence I needed to stay the course, especially with my son’s nap training (which unfortunately wasn’t as easy as night training) and he is now doing great with naps. For anyone having trouble with their infant’s sleep, do yourself a favour and contact Eva!