Steve and Aafiya, Mississauga, Ontario

At 5 months old, our baby was waking up over 8 times per night. She was sleeping late, and wouldn’t sleep for more than 60 minutes without needing to nurse before falling back asleep. Her daytime naps were all over the place and we, as new parents, were lost as to what to do. We reached out to Eva to try and see if sleep training was the right thing for us.

I can honestly say that our life and lifestyle have taken a complete turn after getting Eva’s help and guidance. Our baby now sleeps at 6pm, has one major wake-up at night to feed, and sleeps for approximately 12 hours per night (in her own room!). We have taken back our lives and are finally getting normal sleep again, and it’s all thanks to Eva.

She helped us understand how to find the right cues to put our baby to sleep and gave us a structured plan to follow. She was flexible when our baby advanced quickly through certain aspects of the plan and followed up with us daily for over a month, giving us the advice we needed. One important thing to note – as new parents, we were really opposed to having our baby cry or using a CIO method. Eva helped us understand what kinds of crying are ok and gave us the means to understand how to properly handle crying. This above all has made the biggest difference to us.

Thank you Eva for making us better parents and for making our baby independent without using a CIO method. We would recommend you to anyone!