Stefanie, Toronto, Ontario

If you are looking for a sleep consultant look no further! I had a 9.5 month old who needed to be nursed and rocked to sleep day and night. She was barely napping and was up EVERY 40 MINUTES the ENTIRE NIGHT!!!! My pediatrician recommended Eva to me and I am so thankful I made that call. I wish I called her sooner. I do not know how I survived on little to no sleep for almost a year! She had a wonderful approach that I was comfortable with and I knew that my daughter would not feel stressed or abandoned. In just DAYS my life completely changed for the better. I was convinced my daughter would NEVER sleep and was told by friends and family “she’s just not a good sleeper!” No!! I was preventing her from being a great sleeper! Everyone I know is in complete shock when I tell them my daughter is now sleeping 10-11 hours straight ever night!! Thank you Eva, thank you!!!