Shifrah, Baltimore, Maryland

I reached out to Eva for help with my 9 month old son who was waking every three hours to nurse at night and had no schedule for naps. Over the course of a month and more than 50 emails back and forth we slowly and gently helped build a foundation of positive changes to allow him to sleep through the night.

I cannot say enough good things about Eva’s methods! They were structured and logical but gentle and kind. I really felt great about all the little changes that really made such a difference in the bigger picture. I really appreciated being able to visualize what my baby’s day was supposed to look like and how to make that a reality.

A few weeks ago my baby had a well visit and the doctor was very curious how we got him to sleep through the night because at our last visit I was a zombie and complaining that he was waking every two hours! She was writing down all of Eva’s tips!

This was by far the best money I have ever spent. There is nothing better than a full night’s sleep!!