Shelley, Richmond Hill, Ontario

I hired Eva Klein as a sleep consultant when my son was just 7.5 weeks old for the joint newborn/sleep-training package. I did this at such a young age in order to establish healthy sleep habits from an early start. As a first time mom, I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Given that I got my son into healthy sleep habits from almost day one, it did not take me long to “sleep train” him when it was age appropriate. Thanks to Eva, I was also already well versed in understanding my son’s “sleep cues” and “wake windows”. Within days, he was falling asleep on his own at both nighttime and nap times and sleeping through the night.

Throughout this entire process, not only was Eva extremely knowledgeable and professional, she was non-judgmental, detail oriented, timely and supportive. Eva was very easy to get a hold of and was quick to respond. Eva was available when I expressed any question, concern or hesitation and I felt reassured after connecting with her. I can honestly say that without Eva, I would not have had the smooth ride that I did. I feel so grateful and rested!!

It was a real pleasure working with Eva. I have no hesitation in providing the highest recommendation for her and encourage any parent who wants their sleep back to connect with Eva.