Sheila, Toronto, Ontario

My first born slept through the night quite early without any sleep training. We were lucky. For my second, things were completely different. I didn’t know what was normal and thought I could figure it out by researching, reading, and trying different things. Nothing seemed to work and I realized that it won’t be easier as she gets older. After hearing about Eva from close friends who were previous clients, I decided to try for myself. My daughter was 8 months old at that point and we really wanted some uninterrupted sleep. She had a good starter plan and we twerked things along the way. The main issue was nursing back to sleep during her night wakings. Then we had early wake-up times (5/5:30am). We managed to slowly eliminate them both. It wasn’t easy but we did it and my baby girl sleeps through the night! She has random wake-ups here and there, but generally is a great sleeper! Thank you Eva!