Sarit & Mike, Vaughan, Ontario

I would like to thank Eva for helping my husband and I sleep through the night again.  Our 9 month-old son used to wake up every few hours throughout the night and thought that the perfect time to begin his day was between 4:30 and 5am! His naps were 15-30 minutes in duration unless he was bed-sharing with mom.  We were exhausted! Eva was very patient, detail oriented and knowledgeable.  Eva picked up on things that we never would have thought could affect our son’s sleep, including nutrition, environment and emotional well-being.  At the end, our son is sleeping through the night, his naps improved, he can soothe himself to sleep and the whole family is finally well rested!  And all of this, while using gentle methods that we were comfortable with. Thank you, Eva, for all your great help!