Sandy, Toronto, Ontario

I’m a mother of 3 and the first 2 children were sleep trained without issue. But my youngest had very challenging sleep habits (waking up several times a night and early morning riser) and the exhaustion and frustration was impacting the rest of the family. By 18 months I was ready to try something new, and Eva came highly recommended. What is great about Eva was her flexibility. Understanding that there were other children and schedules in place, and building a routine around our needs was of most importance to me. There is no judgement with Eva – she really is there to help you out, whatever your circumstance is. If you take a step backward or run into some regression, there is no blame, just focus on how to move forward. The constant support and follow ups were wonderful – we both celebrated the first day my little guy finally slept through the night! With the holidays and colds now passed, I now have the tools to get my little one back on schedule. And having that knowledge and confidence is immeasurable. Thank you Eva for helping our family!