Regan, Toronto, Ontario

I have loved working with Eva for the past few months. I had never wanted to “sleep train” as I strongly believe in responding to my baby’s needs and offering her comfort when she needs it. However, when my daughter was still waking up several times a night to feed at 7 months, I had reached my breaking point and needed help! I love Eva’s advice and non-harsh style. I appreciate that she does not recommend reducing night feedings until breastfed babies are solidly on 3 meals daily as well as breastmilk. I was certainly not comfortable with stopping night feedings for my EBF baby before this either. She gave me amazing tips on how to be responsive to my daughter overnight while also setting her up for sleep success. She helped me structure her days and gradually reduce night feedings such that my baby just gave them up herself with very minimal distress. We now reliably get 11 hour stretches of sleep at night and sometimes even longer. Eva’s advice has made me a much more rested and happier mom. Thank you!