Nathalie, Toronto, Ontario

I contacted Eva when I had hit rock bottom tired. We had been co-sleeping and at the 4 month mark she was fussy all night, waking up every two hours and her naps were all over the place. I cannot describe how tired I was. Because she wasn’t sleeping she was grumpy all day and I made a decision to seek help when I saw how much it was affecting her. We had already started sleep training and we had gotten her to sleep some at night but it wasn’t really working. Eva really helped me break bad habits like feeding to sleep. She also gave amazing tips that help my daughter want to sleep. I like that we worked one step at a time (nights first then each nap). It was less pressure on both the baby and I. I was surprised that two months in Eva will still checking in to see progress. She also helped me with managing sleeping while travelling and sleeping when sick. Within 10 days, my daughter was sleeping at night with one wake up (chosen) and doing her naps. And what’s amazing is that she walked with us when my daughter started getting all over the place (I had introduced another bad habit) so that we can get back on track. My daughter is well rested now, she is super happy during wake times and I have started sleeping deeply again for at least 6 hours a night. I’m really satisfied with her work and would highlight recommend Eva.