Naomi, Toronto, Ontario

Eva has created a wonderful program and community with the Sleep Bible and has helped me tremendously! My first baby was difficult at first, but once we sleep trained, he was a breeze in the sleep department so I thought I had this whole baby sleep thing figured out. Nope! My second baby was so much easier right at the beginning so I didn’t think we’d have any sleep issues, but babies will be babies, and I was completely at a loss come that dreaded 4-month regression. I joined Eva’s Sleep Bible Program and learned SO much. I learned that even though my son went to sleep for the night awake, he was waking multiple times because I was actually nursing him back to sleep (nursing in the dark when you’re half asleep is super tricky!) I also couldn’t imagine my son would ever be able to nap in his crib (for the first 6 months naps were on me in the carrier or in the car seat or stroller) but with Eva’s support and guidance, as well as the amazing support from the community of parents she has built, he actually started having nice, long, predictable naps in his crib! The foundation videos were incredibly informative and provided me with the tools to tackle all the sleep issues that you can imagine. The other parents in the group offered so much support, comfort, and assurance in that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. I am so grateful for Eva’s help and feel so much more confident in my abilities as a mother when my son throws me a curveball in the sleep department. I cannot thank you enough Eva!