Naiara, Toronto, Ontario

After one year of being sleep deprived, my husband and I were desperate! I had read all books and websites but didn’t really know how to put things together and help my daughter sleep! We found Eva and after trying everything on our own, we decided to hire her and it was the best investment we made since our baby was born! She helped us with her schedule, her naps and bedtime routines, her sleep environment, and the sleep training! I was really afraid to start the sleep training because I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I thought that my daughter would be the hardest baby (she really knows how to scream!!), and I weak when it comes to her crying! But with Eva’s daily support, we could do it and within one week I had a baby waking up only once to nurse, and a few more days, sleeping 11 hours straight, in her own crib!!! And 2 good naps during the day! I really thought that this was never going to happen! I also really liked that we got free access to the sleeping bible, which already helped me with sleeping issues because of a bad cold that came ahead! Thank you, Eva!!!