Megan, Toronto, Ontario

I was referred to Eva Klein via Facebook’s Pink and Blue Group. I checked out her website, and decided to contact her. She promptly responded with a time for us to chat. We chose the $450 package. She sent me extensive questionnaires to fill out, then came to my home to meet my daughter and scope out the environment. She gave some pointers while at my house that we put into motion right away, then followed up with a sleep plan a few days later.

I know that $450 seems like a lot to spend. My husband had a hard time agreeing to do it. All we can say, is that it worked. For us, it was about having a plan. A plan that we felt confident in; that we didn’t question, and therefore, one that we could stick to. We needed someone to tell us exactly what to do, and what not to do. To remind us that there are many kids out there with the same stamina and the same resistance to sleeping. And most of all, that what we are doing ultimately won’t hurt our baby.

Eva was so supportive, sending emails almost everyday for updates and providing predictions on what I could expect the next night. She was sensitive to our strong-willed child, and to us – nervous and exhausted parents.

Eva corrected fundamental issues with the sleep routine that I had established when my girl was just a baby. She helped us to teach our child sleep, to like her bedroom and to feel safe in her bed. Once in while, we fall into some of the same bad habits, but can use the principles that Eva provided to get us back on track.

If I ever run into consistent sleep issues again, I won’t hesitate to contact her for her help.

Thank you Eva!!