Megan, Toronto, Ontario

Eva came to the rescue when our little guy would only nap in my arms and was waking multiple times in the night. After having challenges with another sleep consultant that we used with our first-born, we were a bit hesitant to pay for more support and on top of that, our little guy was a preemie and had really bad reflux, which only further complicated things. After a lot of conversations with Eva we felt she was the right fit to get our sleep issues sorted out and we were so right. She crafted a plan that took our son’s prematurity and reflux into account and was there for us the entire process. We took our time and slowly got our son used to sleeping on his own. The end result is a child who is sleeping through the night (with one dream feed) and napping in his crib (sometimes for two hours at a time). He’s happier and so are we. We couldn’t have done it without Eva!