Marie-Eve, Vancouver, British Columbia

After months of sleepless days and nights, when our daughter reached 8 months, I hired a sleep trainer… And fired her a few days later, left feeling like my baby were given a “one size fits all” solution that didn’t work for us.
Then as the sleep deprivation went on, I eventually gave Eva a call. I was terrified & immediately told her HEARING MY DAUGHTER CRY WITHOUT RESPONDING IS AGAINST MY BELIEFS AND WILL POWER!!!
So we worked on a slow transition, and funny enough, I probably cried more then my daughter in this process! Eva answered my sobbing calls with compassion and heard my struggles all the while giving me perspective.
Finding independence is frustrating for everyone, yet for our 10 months old baby, it was necessary. All she was waiting for was for us to trust her. For me to support her while she found sleep on her own.
Let me be clear here, she cried. But seeing the changes from day to day as she finally got the rest she needed gave me the strength to keep trusting Eva. Our daughter’s joyful and playful personality is enhanced a million time! And my husband and I can go on dates & cultivate our Love.
… Because let’s be honest, no one is the best parent, partner or friend when we’re that sleep deprived 😉