Mara, Toronto, Ontario

I never thought I’d use a sleep consultant. I’m a second time mom, I’ve read all the books, and figured I could do it myself. My daughter had reflux and was consuming over a third of her calories at night, she was underweight, and I was too exhausted from being up all night to make a plan. I called Eva who listed to my concerns and made a plan for us. I loved that it was a gradual approach that dealt with her entire 24 hour schedule and preparing my daughter for sleep training. We shifted her calories to the daytime and eventually got her sleeping at night. It was not easy but Eva was there to support me through it. We slowly got her eating less and sleeping more. She is now sleeping through the night and napping well. Eva listened to me, reassured me, and coached me through sleep training both at nights and for naps. I can’t begin to thank her enough for all her emails and advice and her positive attitude. Now that she is sleeping, I can sleep which makes me a much better mom!