Malkie, Toronto, Ontario

This baby had me stumped! I had sleep-trained her three older siblings at around 6-months-old without too much trouble. I had read a number of books on baby’s sleep habits and I thought I knew all about the topic. Yet this baby, who had been colicky since the beginning, refused to “cooperate.” Even at 8 months, she required long periods of intensive rocking to fall asleep, and then typically napped for only 15 short minutes. And there were too many days where she was going for hours and hours without any nap at all. I was frequently finding myself in tears from frustration and exhaustion; life just felt too hard!

And then came Eva.  We could not believe how quick the turnaround was; with Eva’s coaching, our baby quickly became happy and well-rested… and so was her mother. 😀 My husband and I – and even our big kids – continue to bless Eva for how much our lives have improved.  I had a sleep-coach was a luxury, but in truth, it was a necessity. My only regret was not having hired Eva sooner!