Lindsey, Toronto, Ontario

I was at my wits end when we contacted Eva to help with our then 7 month old son. He was all over the place with his naps and he was waking multiple times each night. I was exhausted! I held off hiring a sleep consultant because he was my third baby and thought for sure I could figure it out. After nothing I tried was working I caved and contacted Eva. I am so glad I did. She has made me a convert and I would recommend her to anyone experiencing any sort of sleep troubles with her little one. She took the time to get to know us and our style and our little guy. She respected my wish to sleep train and gently as possible and came up with a plan that started with tweaking our daily routine. She got us on a schedule for both naps and for night time. Our sleep routine is great. Our little one now will go down with no fuss and is on a regular schedule. It helps immensely that I can now count on a predictable day. I am so thankful for Eva’s assistance. I am now a much happier and better rested mom as is our little guy. I find I am enjoying our days much more and have energy for my older two kids. I would not hesitate to consult Eva again if we encounter sleep issues in the future.