Lindsey, Toronto, Ontario

I started working with Eva when my baby was 3.5 months old and I was very close to losing my mind from lack of sleep. My baby would wake every 1-2 hours all night long and could only be soothed by being nursed. She also barely napped during the day and would get super cranky as the day progressed. Eva helped with everything from my baby’s sleep environment, bedtime routine, nap routines, nap schedules, wake windows and more…honestly things you think you can just learn from a Google search but she really gets a sense of your baby’s schedule, needs, etc. and I ended up learning a lot. My baby had horrible acid reflux and weight gain issues so she took that into consideration when working with us. Once my girl was 4 months we started a gentle form of sleep training (I’m too weak for Ferber) and Eva was extremely patient with me as sometimes I would slip or just give in to my baby and I was always honest with her and she would encourage and motivate me to keep trying and to be as consistent as possible so we could get results. Now at 6 months my baby is very happy, has consistent naps and sleeps much better (in her crib and not on my chest or beside me!). I would recommend any sleep-deprived parents reach out to Eva!