Lauren, North York, Ontario

At about 9 months my daughter’s sleeping patterns began to regress. She would not sleep through the night and refused to nap during the day. We thought co-sleeping was the answer. It made things worse because she became frightened of her room and crib. My daughter was fighting constant exhaustion and as a result not able to function at her optimal level. I was desperate to rectify this situation and was referred to Eva. Eva did an amazing job of directing and mentoring me in achieving sleep success! After Eva’s guidance My daughter is now napping two times a day and sleeping through the night in her crib. My daughter is well rested and I am more aware of her needs in terms of sleeping.

During our first session, Eva calmed me down and assured me that this was normal and could be fixed with some patience, persistence, and discipline. Eva took the time to understand my daughter’s schedule and our needs as parents. She carefully constructed a daytime and nighttime sleep plan that we were comfortable with. Within a few days of following the sleep plan sleep patterns began to improve.

Eva was amazing. She was patient, detailed, calm, reassuring, and coached me to be disciplined. Eva considers your individual wants and needs and always provides a variety of options to satisfy your lifestyle.

Thank you so much for all your support and hard work!