Laura, Ancaster, Ontario

My 14 month old was waking up 7-9 times every night. I had to breast feed/sooth her back to sleep which took 30-40 minutes each time. She was co sleeping with me in my bed and we had no nap schedule during the day, every day she would nap at different times for different lengths. I kept thinking to myself it will get better as she gets older but it didn’t! It was getting worse and worse. I had finally had enough and contacted Eva. I honestly can not believe how far we have come since those nights. I did not think it was possible, but with Eva’s plan and daily contact to keep us on track we finally did it! my daughter now has 2 naps daily and are at the exact time and length, and she is sleeping 12 hours a night without waking up! It is truly amazing! my daughter is so much happier and eating so much more! Eva also helped me wean off the breast and i am so grateful for everything!