Kayla, Baltimore, MD

Ever since our daughter was born, sleep was our biggest hurdle. She was colicky as an infant and never learned to put herself to sleep without screaming, even into toddlerhood.When she went through a period of teething, mild illness, and more teething, things deteriorated and she ended up in our bed, something that I never wanted for my family. No one was getting good sleep, let alone enough of it.
If I had known what a difference contacting Eva would have made in our lives, I would have done it when my daughter was four months old. We suffered for far too long!
Eva worked with us to find sleep solutions that were right for our family, taking into account our unique situation and helping us to tweak things when we needed to. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Eva! She was incredibly attentive and gave so much of her valuable time to us to fix our many sleep problems. Now that we’ve worked with her, our family is much happier and well-rested. Thank you Eva!