Kate, Charlotte, North Carolina

Eva is amazing!

We worked with a previous sleep consultant for my then, 4-month old, who was sleeping with me in the bed at night (waking 6-8+ time a night) and on me for naps. I had no escape! After 2.5 months of working with this other sleep consultant and getting only about 25% of the way better, I decided to put my trust in Eva instead. I’m so glad I did!

I had a consult with her on a Wednesday, and by that Friday, it was the night to start- and that night was the first night that not only did he sleep in his own room, but he only woke up twice! Then within a few more nights- he was only waking up once to nurse. And he was also taking his naps by himself in his own room too, and not on me anymore!

He’s almost weaned completely from his one night nursing too, so it’s been a relief!

It’s been a real life changer and we’re so glad we hired Eva to help make this happen!