Julia, Vaughan, Ontario

Sleep training was one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made as a parent! Prior to speaking with Eva, I was co-sleeping with my 2.5 year old every night in her bed. We had recently moved into our new house and I wanted to allow time for my daughter to adjust to her new surroundings, as well as her new bed, so I made the decision to sleep the very first night with her. One night became two, and then before I knew it I was a permanent fixture in her sleep routine. My funny, sweet, and intelligent little girl became increasingly cranky and incredibly difficult to handle. She was already struggling with a bit of a speech delay, so the lack of “good” sleep compounded her frustrations. When I was finally at my wits end I decided to call Eva. I let her know that I was not interested in letting my little girl “cry it out”. She suggested a plan that utilized successive approximations so that my daughter would not feel “abandoned” in the process. Her plan, which included some further tweaking of my daughter’s sleep routine, worked! Fast forward to a month later and my daughter is now sleeping through the night on her own and waking up past 6 am (a miracle in our house). Within this time frame, my daughter’s speech has “snowballed”, she’s begun potty training on her own, and she seems to be the happiest she’s ever been! It is no exaggeration to say that sleep training changed our life! Thank you Eva!