Jill, Richmond Hill, Ontario

My husband and I contacted Eva based on a recommendation from a good friend. Our 13 mo old daughter was never a good sleeper, and after returning to work full time her night awakenings became more frequent and longer. We didn’t know how to tackle this problem and new we needed professional help. We are so happy that we reached out to Eva!! She took the time to completely understand the situation as well as all the details regarding our daughter’s daily routine. Eva then developed a plan that specifically addressed our desired goals. After implementing her advice, we noticed a huge improvement in our daughter’s ability to fall and stay asleep. Today we are in a much better place than we were a month ago- we are all getting more sleep! We could not have done it without her expertise and ongoing support! She guided us through every step and was always there to monitor our progress and provide feedback. We truly appreciate Eva’s help, and highly highly recommend her!!