Jennifer, Toronto, Ontario

I reached out to Eva when my son was about 7 months old. I had spent many months trying to sleep train him on my own – reading, talking to others, following sleep discussions online, etc. It just wasn’t working. At 7 months my son was still waking up every 1 – 2 hours at night and would cry at times for an hour or more. His naps were inconsistent, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes over an hour. I was exhausted and my husband and I were out of ideas – not to mention having trouble staying on the same page in our sleepless state! I was hesitant to contact a sleep consultant because I thought I could do it without help (I have a 6 year old who sleeps very very well)…. but once I did, it turned out to be the best decision I have made. I only wish I had done it sooner! Eva was super patient and incredibly helpful. We initially had a one hour call where we discussed every part of my son’s sleep routines – from what he sleeps in to what we do when he wakes up crying. She identified several small things that when put together were likely creating bad sleep associations and causing the night wakings. I implemented some key changes right away and then corresponded with Eva for 2 more weeks, troubleshooting on off days. She kept me in focus when I thought it was a lost cause and gave me practical tips throughout the process. It took about 3 weeks but now my almost 8 month old is napping well and sleeping well. And for the first time since he was born I can say I am rested! Another huge benefit of the process was that it eliminated debate between my husband and I. Before I worked with Eva we would be up at 2, 3 4am debating what we should do about our crying baby. Working with Eva gave us something to follow and together we stuck to the plan. If my son’s sleep habits change in the future I would certainly reach out to Eva once again. I highly, highly, highly recommend her and the advice she gave!!