Jacqui, Toronto, Ontario

I write this as my baby is peacefully napping in her crib: Eva was wonderful! She is very knowledgeable, accessible, and understanding. I had been nursing my 10 month old every 1-2 hours at night for months and I was beside myself with exhaustion, but I did not want to let my baby cry it out overnight (right for some people, not right for me). Eva listened and worked with me to create a gentler approach to sleep training and went at the pace I was comfortable with. She was very encouraging and creative, and I appreciated that she answered ALL of my questions! Her knowledge about infant mental health was an added bonus. My baby is now well-rested most of the time, and I have experienced more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep!! I would definitely recommend Eva, even if you are hesitant about sleep training. She came highly recommended to me by friends, and I am grateful for her expertise and help