Jaclyn, North York, Ontario

I am extremely grateful to Eva for all her patience, ideas, support, insight, expertise and help. After nursing my daughter to sleep for months, I was feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of weaning her in order to prepare for my return to work (which was looming one month away). My daughter was still waking up in the middle of the night and her nap schedule was different every day. Eva came up with a comprehensive plan in order to allow me to get my daughter to sleep through the night and to fall asleep without nursing for either nap or at bedtime. She created a step-by-step plan that was easy to follow and also was not intimidating on myself or my daughter. When one approach didn’t seem to be the right fit for my daughter, Eva quickly suggested another one which was a better fit for our sleeping needs. Eva always gave quick responses via email and phone. I am most thankful for the unwavering support she gave me and for her confidence in me that I could accomplish my goal in the time I had. Thank you!!