Helen, Toronto, Ontario

Eva helped us come up with a custom strategy to achieve the two main goals for our baby – establishing an age-appropriate schedule for our 7-month old, and helping him learn how to fall asleep on his own instead of nursing to sleep. The idea of sleep training caused me a lot of anxiety. I really didn’t want to have to subject our baby to the cry it out method. But with so many books and methods out there, it was hard to know what would actually work for us and best fit our need to do it as gently as possible.

After spending some time getting to know us and our parenting style, Eva recommended a sleep straining method that we were comfortable with and we’re happy to say that our baby is now able to put himself to sleep for naps and at bedtime. His daytime nap schedule has also been adjusted so that the bulk of his sleep has shifted to the night time and he’s sleeping 11 hours through the night.

As we implemented the plan, Eva provided daily feedback to tweak the plan and answer our questions as part of her follow-up support, which was invaluable! I now actually have time to myself during the day, and more time in the evenings with my husband. We’re glad we chose to go with Eva, and would definitely recommend her services!