Divi, Thornhill, Ontario

My 10 month old was taking over an hour to be rocked to sleep and if we could manage to put him down in his crib and somehow navigate around the creeks and cracks of his room floor, he would still wake up every hour just to be rocked back to sleep. Our nights consisted of putting the baby to sleep, rocking him back to sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat and eventually, giving up and bringing him to our bed. He would only nap during the day if he was being held, walked in his stroller, or driven around. After months of sleepless nights, I finally decided to give Eva a call (what took me so long??!!). She was amazing! Immediately she was able to identify the issues that were preventing my baby from getting a good night sleep in his own crib. Eva explained everything very thoroughly and we were in constant contact through email and phone calls. I expressed that I did not want to go the “cry-it-out” route and she created a tailor made plan that fit into our lives. My baby cried/whined for 15 minutes the first night, with my husband right next to him the whole time, and then slept throughout the night. We haven’t looked back. He now puts himself to sleep, and stays asleep for 12 hours. He has 2 great naps during the day, in his crib. We are all sleeping 🙂