Cassie, Toronto, Ontario

We started working with Eva when our daughter was around three months old. She was waking up four times a night (minimum) and only napping on my husband or I. But what was really frustrating was that it was taking us hours (2-4) to get her to sleep at the beginning of EVERY night. Eva helped us set up an ideal sleeping environment (black out blinds, white noise, etc.) and understand the importance of wake windows and routine. When she turned five months old we were ready to sleep train. Eva was there for us every step of the way. Her advice and expertise were monumental when it came to nap training – tricky for a lot of babies, ours included. Eva reviewed daily logs to track our daughter’s progress and noted where tweaks were needed. Her prompt replies were appreciated during this difficult time. After about a month our daughter was sleeping through the night with one feeding AND napping three times a day in her crib (most days two naps are at least 60 mins long, sometimes 90 mins). My husband and I feel human again and are enjoying every moment we spend with our baby. But most importantly, thanks to Eva our daughter is happy, healthy, thriving and rested!!!