Ashley, Thornhill, Ontario

Does your child wake up at 4am. Does your child only sleep 45 min on the dot. Does your child wake up every two hours at night. Can you only put your baby to sleep with a bottle Well this was me !!! First time mom like a deer in the head lights watching all my friends well rested able to have a coffee do laundry and brush there teeth.
I new there was something missing and I new I needed some help. First off thank you so very much Eva for all your support tips and sleep plans. You helped me in so many way. Now my beautiful happy boy doesn’t need a bottle to go to bed. He sleeps for an hour and a half each nap. Sleeps through the night. I didn’t have to let him scream for hours which I was so scared I had to do.

I think the best part of your service not only was the tips you gave me but was the support.
If you are considering hiring a sleep consultant Eva really is the one you want. Thank you so much!