Anastasia, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Eva brought back the life into my life! My little one has always been a phenomenal sleeper, but after enrolling in daycare, he lost all of his sleep habits. (How come? That’s another topic that requires another place to be discussed).

But the reality was that I didn’t realize his sleep issues came from there. My little one began waking up every hour of the night, screaming and depending on a bottle to get back to sleep. He was continuously sleep deprived and so was I. He grew extremely irritable and nothing worked. I thought it was a sleep regression, then a growth spurt, then teething, but it never occurred to me the issue was external because he was born a great sleeper. It came to the point that I began praying for miracles, when one morning I woke up with the realization that I need to contact a sleep therapist. After several people recommending Eva, I contacted her.

Eva was supportive from the very beginning, putting her heart and devotion into helping me and my little one return back to life pre-daycare. She gave me great amounts of useful information, carefully assessed my and my son’s living environment and habits and created a plan that worked for us perfectly. I began seeing improvements FROM DAY 1!!! The schedule and recommendations she designed for us work flawlessly. She was patient with me when my son went through a series of illnesses and issues and continued her support without a moment of hesitation. When finally things were back to normal in the health department (I should point out that Eva’s therapy WAS NOT the cause of the health issues), my little one seamlessly returned his sleep habits and is currently back to the child I knew before.

On top of that, Eva and I had set several goals, which my LO achieved naturally while I followed Eva’s recommendations and daily support. He is happy, sleeps like a rock, has internalized the sleep patterns and schedule, so I don’t have to fight with him when he goes to bed, rather he falls asleep on his own. But most of all, when he wakes us at night (rarely), he falls back asleep ON HIS OWN!

So, when I say Eva brought back the life into my life. She truly did! Thank you, Eva. You are a blessing and your touch has profoundly improved my and my son’s life.