Amanda, Toronto, Ontario

Hiring Eva was one of the best and most helpful things we’ve ever done! Our baby sleep like a dream up until about 4.5 months old, and then it all fell apart. We suffered through our exhaustion for a month before finally contacting Eva, and I wish I had of sooner! She was very good a assessing our needs and developing a plan to address our concerns. I was hesitant to contact a sleep consultant because I was worried that I would be forced to use the “Cry it Out” method, which is something that I’m not comfortable with. However, Eva listened to and acknowledged my concerns, and put together a plan that I was comfortable with yet still incredibly effective. It’s now been two months since we initially contacted Eva, and my baby sleeps like a dream! She goes for naps and to bed with little to no fussing and she sleeps through the night! I would absolutely recommend Eva to anyone who is struggling to get their baby to sleep!