Ally, Toronto, Ontario

Eva was, honestly, a saviour for our family! She was patient, responsive, adaptable to our families needs and non-judgmental. As a first time mom, I enjoyed walking, rocking and holding my baby to sleep! That was until our lil squish turned four months and the dreaded four month sleep regression hit. As she had not learned to connect her sleep cycles, sleep on her own or fall asleep without my help, she began waking every 45 minutes, wanting to be held when she slept and she wasn’t a fan of her crib! So, we reached out to Eva. Eva was sensitive to our parenting style and offered step by step suggestions for how to help our lil’ one learn to sleep. When the first suggestion didn’t work for our family, she had another strategy ready for us. Our 8 month old now takes her naps in her crib, and happily sleeps at night with one night feeding!
What separates Eva from other consultants, is that she takes the time to make personal connections through follow up phone calls and emails to see how things are progressing. She answered all the questions we had, to help us, help our baby!
I remember reading a review on here months ago, where one mother said she was now able to kiss her baby goodnight, put her in the crib, leave the room and the baby would drift to a blissful sleep on her own. At that time, I thought to myself ‘that would never be possible for us!’ I can proudly say, it is totally possible, thanks to the help of Eva!