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My Sleeping Baby's Sleep Bible

Convert your baby into a champion sleeper for life

I'm excited to invite you to access my exclusive Sleep Bible!


Do you want more energy, more patience and more positive family memories with your little one?
This Sleep Bible will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know about effectively attaining GOOD and CONSISTENT sleep habits for your baby from 4 months all the way to 5 years!

The program will help get:

Better naps

Easier settling at naptime and bedtime

Better nighttime sleep

A happier, well-rested baby!

And what do YOU get from the Sleep Bible program?

Your evenings back

Free time when the baby naps

The confidence to get out & enjoy your day

More nighttime sleep!

Topics included but not limited to:

  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to sleep train
  • Pitfalls and best practices
  • Tips on minimizing tears (yep, that's right!)
  • Insight into fixing current sleep issues
  • Sleep schedules and wake windows
  • Naps and nap transitions
  • Maintaining baby's awesome sleep habits
  • Reflux, teething, regressions, time changes... all that fun stuff!

Your membership will include:

  • Unlimited monthly access to training videos
  • Step-by-step detailed guides on getting your baby sleeping!
  • Members Only private Facebook group: Q&A, learn with others & stay on track!
  • Bi-monthly group calls via Facebook Live
  • Exclusive access to professional sleep advice
  • A community of like-minded parents
  • and much more!
I want to provide parents with the tools and support to teach their babies to sleep, fix any occurring sleep problems and be empowered with everything they need to know to deal with regressions and milestones effectively. - Eva Klein.


My Sleeping Baby's Sleep Bible has helped me continuously. Each piece of information allowed me to improve my child's sleep from day one. The constant attention throughout our sleep journey has been like no other and her careful consideration of how I wanted to sleep train my child made me feel super comfortable and capable. Thank you Eva truly for helping our child and us get some much needed sleep.
- Rebecca
The Sleep Bible is an informative, illuminating, and comprehensive guide to getting your baby to sleep (well). The videos are presented in a friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental way, and it felt like Eva knew exactly what I was going through. There's nothing out there like it! If (like me) you're in need of help, the Sleep Bible is an awesome tool for informing yourself, choosing a method that works best for you, and ultimately getting results.
- Elise

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Sleep Bible F.A.Q.

Q. There are TONS of resources online to help me finally get a good night’s sleep. What makes the Sleep Bible community different?
The Sleep Bible is your one stop shop that will provide you with everything- and I mean EVERYTHING- you need to know to get your little one sleeping well and KEEP it that way.  Your monthly membership gets you access to my extensive library of video trainings, with detailed step-by-step guides, a private members-only Facebook group to post questions (and get a direct response from yours truly!) and bi-monthly group calls.  You’ll also be able to connect with other parents in the program going through the same sleep struggles.  And lastly, we will get the chance to hear from an expert every month on various different topics, such as nutrition, toilet training, pelvic floor therapy, and physiotherapy, and speech therapy.   Our group is a real community J
Q. How much access will I get to you? Will you be answering all my questions in the members-only Facebook group?
Absolutely!  I am in the community leading, giving advice, answering questions and helping you troubleshoot while you go through the training videos and make exciting changes to your little one’s sleep habits!  After working with over 1000 families through 1-on-1 consultations and group workshops, I’ve gotten pretty good at fixing the biggest sleep challenges out there!
Q. Why would I need a membership? Can I buy your trainings 1-off?
Parents face different sleep challenges at different stages. So the membership gives you continued access to ALL my trainings, to help you get better sleep today AND tomorrow. And this is all for MUCH LESS than I normally charge for a single 1-on-1 session.
Q. Do I need to commit to joining for a certain number of months?
Nope! If the program isn't for you, you can cancel at any time.
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