Sleep Bible Program

Convert your baby into a champion sleeper for life!

What you’ll get:

  • The entire Sleep Easy Method – A customized sleep plan to help your little one learn how to consistently sleep 11-12 hours in their crib or bed
  • Age-specific learning tracks that are customized to show you exactly what you need for your little one’s developmental stage
  • A selection of sleep training methods geared towards your goals and comfort level, along with guidance on choosing the best approach for your family
  • Nap training guide, including sample schedules and wake windows
  • The entire course library in audio, video and PDF format
  • Sound Asleep Chart
  • Emotional Protection Plan
  • 12 months of on-demand access
  • Daily office hours for coaching and follow-up support – get your questions answered by Eva daily!
  • 2x monthly group coaching calls
  • Exclusive members-only Facebook community

    … and much more!

I am so incredibly confident that you will love everything you see in the Sleep Bible.  AND to ensure you feel great about investing in the Sleep Bible for yourself and your little one, you have 7 days to give it a try.  If you’re not getting results, send us proof that you tried implementing everything consistently and corrected (detailed sleep logs please!) and we will give you a refund. 🙂 

What People Are Saying

“Before joining Eva’s Sleep Bible, my son was waking up 10-20 times a night! I joined the Sleep Bible and Eva helped us every step of the way! I would have been so anxious without an expert guiding me. She answered all my incessant questions and offered creative solutions to get my baby sleeping when nothing else was working! Thank you Eva!”