Get Great Sleep with a Newborn

Discover the secrets to maximizing newborn sleep and enjoying the newborn stage

Right now, you’re running on empty
(or you’re about to be).

The struggle to get sleep with a newborn baby is REAL.

You’re so exhausted that you regularly…

…cry at the drop of a hat…

…forget your phone in the fridge…

…lose it on your partner for breathing too loudly… 

…spend the day in your pajamas and a mom bun…

…feel lost and confused, having no idea if your screaming baby is hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or simply mad at the world…

…feel completely out of control.

After all, who can blame you?  You’re barely surviving the newborn stage.

  • You’re sleeping 2-3 hour stretches at night- at the most.
  • You’re holding your baby for most naps (after all, your baby thinks the bassinet is poisonous).
  • You spend hours getting him to sleep throughout the day and night.
  • You’re dealing with WAY more crying and fussiness than your nervous system can handle.

Anyone would be at the end of their rope if they weren’t sleeping more than 90 minutes stretches or getting a break during the day.  

 You WANT to introduce healthy sleep habits for your newborn.


…your baby gives you 12-minute-long naps, barely giving you enough time to take a shower.  You don’t have time for more work!

Your mother tells you that newborn babies NEVER sleep, making you question whether anything will work.

When you actually try figuring out sleep solutions for your newborn, the overwhelming amount of info out there just leaves you confused and lost.

But fear not- I’ve got you covered!

The “Get Great Sleep with a Newborn” program is here! 

I’m going to show you how to minimize the challenges of having a newborn…and maximize sleep.

Let’s get your newborn off on the right foot and gently introduce healthy sleep habits early on.  I want you to feel confident and empowered as a parent so that your little one’s sleep is maximized. 

I want you to enjoy the newborn stage to its fullest!

Get Great Sleep with a Newborn

Discover the secrets to maximizing newborn sleep and enjoying the newborn stage


From the comfort of your home, this program will help you:


Quickly calm your fussy baby (or even prevent the fussiness from happening)


Understand your baby’s needs- and know how to respond


Introduce flexible daytime routines and healthy naps


Gently teach your newborn to fall asleep independently in their bassinet


Get longer stretches of sleep at night


Maximize your newborn’s sleep (as well as your own sleep!) and avoid bigger sleep problems down the road


Decrease stress, increase confidence as a parent, and feel like a functioning human


LOVE the newborn stage

Imagine if you could finally get some normalcy back in your life, despite having a newborn.

No more spending the night in a rocking chair holding your baby, praying they stay asleep.

Instead, you truly understand your baby’s needs without the constant haze of sleep deprivation.  No more second-guessing yourself or feeling overwhelmed by the endless advice found on the internet.

Instead, you have the confidence to meet your baby’s needs with ease, knowing EXACTLY how to soothe them and give you longer stretches of sleep.

In their bassinet.

 And what could THAT mean for you?


  • Getting a longer stretch of nighttime sleep. In your bed.  Without a baby next to you.  And feeling like a semi-normal human the next day.
  • Enjoying your morning coffee by yourself AND taking a shower, all while your baby naps.
  • Grabbing a power nap yourself while your baby sleeps.
  • Making yourself a delicious lunch- with both hands.
  • Catching up with a friend on the phone, without holding the baby at the same time.
  • Getting the baby to bed for the night and watching an entire Netflix episode without interruption.

The possibilities are endless when your newborn baby is sleeping well.

“As a mom of 3, I know what it’s like to feel like a trainwreck in the newborn stage.

I want to teach you how you can maximize your newborn’s sleep and get your little one off on the right foot with a gentle sleep approach that will have you feeling confident, empowered, and thriving during your baby’s first few months”.

Eva Klein

Founder of My Sleeping Baby

I always thought the newborn stage is this unavoidable disaster, where you’re exhausted all time, nobody sleeps, your baby cries non-stop…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

At least that was the experience I had with my first 2 kids.  I felt like a trainwreck!   

And then I gave birth to baby#3 and my perspective changed.  

See, I had been working as a sleep consultant and sleep trainer for over 4 years before JJ was a newborn.  So, when he was born, I actually knew what I was doing because I was able to apply everything I had been teaching to my OWN baby.

My experience with my 3rd baby was exactly what I needed to build out the newborn sleep system in this program that can help YOU maximize sleep in the newborn stage.

The end results?


You can feel confident and empowered because you know how to respond to his needs


Your baby barely cries because you know what he needs


Your baby gives you consistent uninterrupted stretches of nighttime sleep early on, allowing you to feel like a functioning human the next day


You can recharge during the day while your baby naps in his bassinet


You can REALLY enjoy the newborn stage

See, here’s the truth.  While having a newborn is absolutely hard work, there’s a HUGE difference between something feeling challenging and hard, versus when something feels impossible.  

Having a newborn doesn’t need to feel like chaos, destruction, “my-house-is-on-fire”, and like you’ll never sleep again.

My sleeping baby testimonial

Let’s minimize the challenge involved with having a newborn…and maximize the sleep.

I can’t promise you rainbows AND butterflies…but I can get you the butterflies 🙂 I mean, wouldn’t life with a newborn be SO much easier and more enjoyable if you knew exactly what to do?

What’s inside the program?  Let’s take a look at the features that make “Getting Great Sleep with a Newborn”truly beneficial for expecting parents and moms of newborns.

1) Expertly Crafted Course Lessons
This course consists of four comprehensive modules, covering everything you need to know about maximizing newborn sleep.  Gain a deep understanding of newborn sleep patterns and learn effective strategies to establish healthy sleep habits from the beginning.

2) In-Depth Video Trainings led by Yours Truly
With over five hours of video content, I will guide you through various techniques and solutions for optimizing your baby’s sleep that works for YOU.  You’ll learn to get better sleep with your newborn, leading to a more restful and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

3) Handy PDF Resources at your Fingertips
Alongside the video trainings, you’ll receive PDF handouts that summarize key points, provide additional tips, and offer step-by-step instructions for implementing the strategies discussed.

4) Bonus Treainings+ Next Steps
Additional bonus trainings are provided on managing sleep challenges when the baby graduates the newborn stage.  These include addressing the 4-month sleep regression, the rolling stage, and important points to know pacifier use past the 3-month mark. 

By taking advantage of this program, “Getting Great Sleep with a Newborn” can TRULY make the newborn stage enjoyable! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought you can’t sleep train a newborn?

This isn’t a sleep training workshop.  I am teaching you how to introduce healthy sleep habits gently and gradually.

Will my baby need to be on a strict schedule?

Nope!  There are NO set schedules in my program- I don’t believe in them!  I will teach you how to create a sleep routine for your baby that revolves around your specific needs and preferences so that you don’t feel constricted by rigid rules.

Can my baby nap on the go? Or will I need to be home for most of my baby’s naps for this program to work?

Don’t worry, you DO NOT have to be housebound with your newborn all day in order to maximize their sleep.  In fact, I don’t recommend it!  For the sake of your mental health, you need to get out of the house sometimes.  This program allows you to enjoy naps on the go!

Do I ALWAYS have to put my baby in the bassinet awake for naps? Does this mean I can NEVER rock, feed, or soothe my baby to sleep?

HECK NO. Newborn baby cuddles are precious, priceless moments that I would NEVER take away from anyone, including myself.  Just because your baby learns how to fall asleep independently sometimes, it doesn’t mean he can’t be soothed to sleep other times.

Is this program for both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding babies?

Absolutely!  I go into detail regarding what your baby’s feeding routine might need to look like if you’re breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding.

Will this program work if my baby has reflux?

It will definitely help!  I’ve got a whole section in the program on how to navigate reflux with your newborn.

When should I start implementing the program with my newborn?

From day 1, or whenever you’re ready.  No need to wait!

What if I want more help from you as I’m going through the program?

Additional email or phone support is available for purchase as an add-on to the program. Simply choose the 3rd bundle option entitled “Newborn Sleep Program- Extra Support.

Let’s understand your baby’s cues, maximize their sleep, and get everyone off on the right foot from day 1.