Newborn Workshop- Getting Off to the Right Start

This month-long, module based program will give you all the tools you need to maximize your newborn’s sleep and get your baby off to the best start! 

From the comfort of your home, this program will help you:
– calm a fussy baby
– read your baby’s cues
– gently and gradually get your newborn to fall asleep independently
– maximize your newborn’s sleep (as well as your own sleep!) and set your baby up for success
– know what to expect re: sleep regressions, nap transitions, and all that fun stuff
– decrease stress and increase confidence as a parent
– LOVE the newborn stage

The curriculum of this 4 class webinar series includes classes on creating an optimal sleep environment, establishing optimal daytime nutrition, sleep routines and wake windows, colic, reflux, naps, the 4 month sleep regression, growth spurts, emotional well-being, establishing independent sleep skills, and MORE!

The classes for the winter 2022 workshop will be held from 8:30pm-9:30pm EST on Monday, January 17th, Thursday, January 20th, Monday, January 31st, and Thursday, February 3rd.

This is NOT a sleep training workshop. This is a gradual, gentle and supportive approach to maximize your newborn’s sleep.

All classes will be taught live and online. Of course, there will always be time for Q&A at the end of each class!

The price of the workshop also includes a FREE month’s membership to the Sleep Bible program!  You’ll be added to a members-only Facebook group where you can post additional followup questions and get daily responses from Eva!

Cost: $197 CAD

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