My Sleeping Baby Workshops and Seminars

We offer our “Teach Your Child to Sleep” workshops and seminars to various groups.Eva is an enthusiastic and passionate public speaker with experience and training covering the topic of healthy infant and toddler sleep habits.

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and well-being, yet many parents are chronically sleep deprived from waking up at night with their children. Eva will speak about the foundational elements of healthy sleep for babies, toddlers and young children and will provide you with the knowledge and know-how to set realistic goals and make informed decisions regarding your child’s sleep. She will also answer any pressing questions you might have.

If you have a regular playgroup or mommy get-together, this is a great opportunity to bring Eva in to speak to your group of sleep-deprived parents!

Getting a Head Start: All About Newborn Sleep

This month-long, module based program will give you all the tools you need to maximize your newborn’s sleep. From the comfort of your home, Eva will be teaching you:

– newborn sleep fundamentals;
– sleep science;
– establishing routines and structure
– establishing independent sleep;
– maximizing your newborn’s sleep
– what to expect re: sleep regressions, nap transitions, and all that fun stuff.

The classes for the next upcoming December 2018 workshop will be held at 8pm EST on Sunday, December 2nd, Tuesday, December 11th, Sunday, December 16th and Sunday, December 23rd.

This is NOT a sleep training workshop. This is a gradual, gentle and supportive approach to maximize your newborn’s sleep.

All classes will be taught live and online. Of course, there will always be time for Q&A at the end of each class!

The price of the workshop also includes a FREE month’s membership to the Sleep Bible program!  You’ll be added to a members-only Facebook group where you can post additional followup questions and get daily responses from Eva!

Cost: $249 CAD

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