The Snoo Bassinet: What you Need to Know Before you Buy

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As a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with years of experience working with thousands of babies and children, I have some VERY honest thoughts about the Snoo bassinet, the baby sleeper designed by Dr. Harvey Karp. While this sleeper has been a game-changer for some families, it doesn’t work for every baby.

In this article, I’m going to talk about both the benefits and limitations of the Snoo, as well as how long you can realistically use it for.

What is the Snoo bassinet?

The Snoo is a bassinet that uses motion and sensors to soothe your baby to sleep. It comes with a specific swaddle that clips into the bassinet, ensuring your baby stays on their back. The Snoo has different motion levels that adjust to your baby’s preference.

Whether they need a gentle rock or a vigorous movement, the Snoo has got you covered!

Newborn baby in Snoo bassinet

The Benefits of the Snoo bassinet

Let’s talk about the pros. As a sleep expert, I’ve seen how the Snoo can be a godsend for some families. For babies who are easily soothed by motion, the Snoo can be a game-changer by providing much-needed rest for exhausted parents.

Here’s what I specifically love about the Snoo:

  1. It can help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
    The Snoo is designed to recreate the feeling of being in the womb, with gentle rocking and swaddling that mimics the sensations of being held. This can help babies feel more relaxed, making it easier for them to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  2. The Snoo can reduce the risk of SIDS.
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a leading cause of infant mortality. Research has shown that placing babies on their backs to sleep can reduce the risk of SIDS. The Snoo’s swaddle ensures that babies stay on their backs while sleeping, reducing the risk of suffocation or other breathing problems.
  3. Its motion function can help soothe colicky babies.
    Colic is a common problem for newborns, and it can be INCREDIBLY frustrating for parents who are struggling to soothe a crying baby. I’ve been one of them! The Snoo’s gentle motion can help soothe these colicky babies, providing some relief for both babies and parents.
  4. The Snoo can help establish good sleep habits.
    Getting babies into a good sleep routine can be challenging, but the Snoo can help. By providing a consistent sleep environment and helping babies learn to self-soothe IN this bassinet, the Snoo can help establish solid sleep habits that can last well beyond the first few months of life. This is because rocking your little one to sleep IN the Snoo removes the challenge of rocking him to sleep in your arms and transferring him to a bassinet, only for him to wake up.

Newborn baby in Snoo bassinet

The limitations of the Snoo

While the Snoo can be a helpful tool for many, remember that it may not work for every baby. Here are some limitations to keep in mind:

  1. Simply put, the Snoo is not a magical solution for ALL babies.
    I can’t tell you how often I hear from tired, disappointed families whose babies hated the Snoo. Some babies may find the motion too stimulating, making it harder for them to fall asleep. Some babies might need more vigorous motion that what the bassinet provides. And others may simply prefer a different type of sleep environment, such as a regular bassinet or a co-sleeper.
  1. The Snoo is EXPENSIVE (holy moly).
    At a price point of over $1,500 in the US, the Snoo is not an affordable option for many families. While it can sometimes be a worthwhile purchase, you might end up wasting your money. And boy is that a lot of money to waste here.
  1. The Snoo bassinet is only suitable for infants up to six months old or until they can roll over.
    While the Snoo is designed to provide a safe and comfortable sleep environment for newborns and young infants, it is only suitable for babies until six months old or until the baby can roll over. If your baby is learning how to roll, it’s probably time to transition them to a regular bassinet.

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In conclusion

Whether or not the Snoo is right for your baby depends on a variety of factors, including your baby’s temperament, sleep habits, and preferences. As a sleep expert myself (who also happens to be money-conscious), I recommend renting the product first so that you can try it out and see if your little one actually likes it.

At the end of the day, if you’re considering using the Snoo, it’s important to look at it as a tool rather than a magic solution for your little one’s sleep. While it may work wonders for some babies, it’s not a guarantee.

Of course, as with any baby product, it’s always a good idea to get advice from your pediatrician.

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