My Approach

Contrary to popular belief, developing healthy sleep habits requires far more than simply choosing an appropriate sleep training methodology.  In fact, sleep training will only be successful when the additional root causes of poor sleep habits are properly addressed.  As a certified sleep consultant, Eva thoroughly investigates all that occurs over a 24 hour period in the life of your child.  She then creates a customized, detailed, step-by-step sleep plan that is tailored to the child’s individual sleep challenges, the family’s needs, and the client’s parenting philosophy. 

Eva takes a holistic and non-judgmental approach to sleep consulting and believes there is no perfect “one-size-fits-all” approach to address every family’s sleep issues.  Eva empowers her clients with the knowledge and know-how to set realistic goals and make informed decisions regarding their child’s sleep. 

If you are dealing with any of the following sleep challenges with your child, Eva can help you:

  • Frequent night wakings
  • Short or non-existent naps
  • Early risers
  • Trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep
  • Negative sleep associations (feeding, rocking, bouncing, walking to sleep)
  • A desire to end co-sleeping