Is it too late to sleep train a baby or toddler?

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Whether it is ever too late to sleep train a baby or a toddler is a question I get ALL THE TIME.  Regardless of whether the baby is 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, or 2 years, I always have parents asking me if their baby is too old to be sleep trained.

So what’s the answer?  Is it ever too late to sleep train a toddler?

Here’s the good news: It is NEVER too late to make changes in the sleep department- ever!  Now, the older your child gets and the longer he/she holds onto these unwanted sleep habits, the harder it’s going to be to change them.  So this might mean that it’s likely going to take longer for a sleep plan to be successful with an older baby or toddler.   Nonetheless, if you’re ready for change, it’s very doable!

Look, if your gut is telling you to hold off on sleep training for any reason, listen to yourself.  You know what’s best!

But if you know that deep down inside that this is the right time to make changes and that there’s no better time like the present, do it!  Don’t underestimate what kind of gift you are giving your child by teaching him to sleep through the night.  The benefits of uninterrupted sleep to your child’s health, emotional well-being, and development should NOT be underestimated!

I’ve had numerous clients with babies who were struggling to meet a milestone.  I’ve witnessed 12 month-olds struggling to eat solids.  I’ve had 18 month-olds with no interest to walk.  And I’ve seen 2 year-olds who weren’t talking.  Once we managed to fix the child’s sleep problem, the problem has often disappeared!  Suddenly, the baby is eating solids like a champ.  The toddler has learned to run.  And the preschooler’s speech has exploded.

Coincidence?  I’ll let you decide that one 🙂

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