How to Help your Sleeping Baby STAY Sleeping During Fireworks

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Summertime is approaching and that means it’s time for those dreaded fireworks!  As beautiful as fireworks might be, they’re LOUD.  And the last thing you want is for your sleeping baby to wake up from those loud bangs.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to help your sleeping baby stay asleep despite those pesky, noisy fireworks.  I’ll also discuss how to help your baby enjoy the fireworks if you want to keep them up.  

Fireworks and sleeping baby

How can I help my baby sleep through fireworks?

If you want to minimize the chances of your baby waking up from the fireworks, here are my top tips:

1) Get your baby to sleep BEFORE the fireworks begin

If your little one is asleep for at least 30-40 minutes before the fireworks begin, there’s a better chance he’ll stay asleep and not wake up.  This is because we typically remain in deep sleep during the first half of the night and transition to lighter sleep as the night goes on. 

Because your sleeping baby will be in deep sleep by the time the fireworks display begins, the good news is that your child might surprise you and sleep through the noise after all!

Anecdotally, I’ll tell you that none of my kids have ever woken up from fireworks noise. That must count for something?  

2) Use a white noise machine

As it is, I’m a huge fan of using sound machines in your baby’s room on a regular day.  When we’re facing fourth of July fireworks, your white noise machine is DEFINITELY your best friend. This is because the white noise machine can do a great job drowning out these loud noises and create a calming and soothing sleep environment for your child.  

I recommend placing the white noise machine where most of the noise is coming from.  This might mean placing it near the window or by the door near the hallway.  If the fireworks are especially loud, you might consider using two white noise machines at both ends of the room to mask as much of the noise level as possible.

Feel free to increase the volume of the white noise machine when the fireworks begin.  You can always decrease it when they’re done.  

**And if you’re wondering which white noise machine I recommend, I personally love this one. All 3 of my kids used this as babies, so I’m definitely a fan!**

3) Comfort and soothe your baby if he wakes up

Despite doing everything in your power to keep your baby sleeping during these fireworks, he might still wake up from the loud noises.  Give him 5-10 minutes to try to fall back asleep on his own (assuming he’s an independent sleeper).  

If he’s still awake and crying, offer him some extra comfort to help him settle as he’ll likely need it.  Pick him up and try to help him calm down.  Waking up to loud fireworks can easily startle your sleeping baby, so be extra generous with the snuggles!

Is it okay for a baby to sleep with white noise all night?

Yes, it is absolutely FINE to let your baby (or child) sleep throughout the night with white noise.  I typically recommend keeping the white noise machine on throughout the night.  If it shuts off at any other point in the night, the benefits of the white noise are gone!  And we don’t want your little one jolting themselves awake when the white noise machine suddenly shuts off.

That being said, keep in mind these very important points:

1) The volume of the white noise should be kept at a safe level. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that white noise machines should be placed at least 7 feet (2 meters) away from the baby’s sleeping area and should be kept at a volume lower than 50 decibels.

2) Ensure the noise is a steady, consistent sound rather than something that varies in tone and intensity, such as music.  This is because sudden changes in noise levels can disturb your baby’s sleep.

Is it okay for babies to watch fireworks?

Fireworks are obviously very loud.  Whether your child can enjoy fireworks depends on a) how sensitive your child is to noise and; b) how well they can handle being overtired.

If your baby hates loud noises and startles easily, he might not enjoy a fireworks show.  

And if your baby becomes cranky and irritable when he’s up past his bedtime, it might be worthwhile for him to skip the fireworks this year.  

Remember that when your baby goes to bed too late and becomes overtired, it can cause difficulty falling asleep, night wakings, and early rising.  It’s up to YOU to decide if keeping your baby up to watch the fireworks is worthwhile. 

That being said, many babies are FINE to stay up past their bedtime to watch fireworks.  Just make sure you plan this in advance!

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How do I keep my baby or child awake to see fireworks?

Fireworks celebrations can be loads of fun for kids to watch.  If you want to keep your little one up past their normal bedtime to enjoy the fireworks, here are my top tips for you:

  •  Prioritize your little one’s regular schedule with properly timed naps.  Make sure your child isn’t overtired when we know he’ll have a later bedtime than usual.
  • Allow your little one to have a slightly longer nap than usual so that it’ll be easier for them to stay up past their regular bedtime.
  • Offer your baby or toddler a catnap in the late afternoon or early evening.  Don’t offer this nap too early in the day as your little one won’t be tired enough to take it. A nap at 6pm is fine!
  • Dress your little one in their pajamas so they can get to sleep as soon as the fireworks show is done.  Offer your baby a condensed version of their bedtime routine and get them to bed as quickly as possible.
  • Expect your child to wake up at their normal time the next morning.  In fact, some babies might wake up earlier than usual because they went to sleep overtired.  Don’t sweat it.  Get your little one on their regular schedule (including an early bedtime) the next day so that their sleep is back on track!  

Additional tips for taking your baby to a fireworks show

  • Invest in ear protection for your little one, such as these baby earmuffs.  Your baby will likely enjoy the fireworks more if we muffle those loud bangs.
  • Try to stay far away from the fireworks so that the noise isn’t as loud.
  • If your baby starts to cry from the noise, have a backup plan that involves leaving the show early or heading inside somewhere.
  • Bring a white noise machine or stroller fan to help muffle out the noise. 

Can babies sleep with baby earmuffs on?

The short answer is yes, as long as they are supervised.  Do not leave your sleeping baby unattended with earmuffs on as this can present an unsafe sleeping environment.  

Enjoy the fireworks!

No matter what you decide to do, try to enjoy the fireworks and make some memories with your family.  Give yourself some grace if things don’t go as smoothly as you hoped.  You can always get your sleeping baby back on track the next day, after the fireworks are done. 

**And if sleep is an ongoing struggle, with or without a fireworks show, I’m here to help! To get started, watch my free masterclass here.**

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