How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?

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Does anyone here have a baby that STILL wakes a million times a night? Are you dying to get your little one to sleep through the night?

It’s a known fact that uninterrupted sleep is a rarity when you’ve got a newborn baby.  Newborn babies need to eat around the clock for the first few weeks of life!  But what if your baby is already 7 months-old and STILL waking up every 2 hours all night long?  What can be done?  This is precisely what a mother in the My Sleeping Baby Facebook Community group wanted to know.

Don’t fret, there’s good news!  While a healthy 7 month-old baby might still need to eat once at night, any additional nightwakings are unnecessary.  This mean that they’re avoidable and fixable!

The Solution

Here is a list of factors that can be contributing to your baby’s countless nightwakings:

  1. Overtiredness.  Overtiredness is a well-known culprit of difficulty falling asleep, nightwakings, and early rising.  This mom explained in her post that her baby “naps well”, which is great.  But if this baby is awake for a long time before bedtime, this can cause him to become overtired, regardless of how long he napped for.
  2. Your baby’s inability to fall asleep independently.  If you aren’t able to place your baby in his crib awake, say goodnight and leave the room, you may be faced with countless unnecessary nightwakings.  This is because a baby needs know how to fall asleep on his own so that he can learn how to fall BACK to sleep on his own.  Getting your baby down drowsy but awake isn’t good enough- he needs to be placed down WIDE awake so that he learns how to do 100% of the work on his own.

I elaborated on this question in much more detail on Facebook Live on how to get your baby to sleep through the night.  You can watch and listen to my full answer here!

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