How to Ensure your Child Sleeps While Travelling

How can you ensure your little ones sleep well when on holiday?

A very important factor that determines how well your baby sleeps while travelling is his temperament, which is inborn.  Part of a child’s temperament determines how adaptable they are.  See, some children can easily adapt to a new environment after taking a few minutes to familiarize themselves with their new space.  If you have an easy-going child, your child will probably be fine when travelling!

However, if you have a child who is very slow to warm to new changes, as shown in the past by the huge amount of time it took her to adapt to her new daycare, or caregiver, or house, it will probably take her quite a bit of time to adjust to her new living arrangements when travelling.

Here are my top tips for ensuring that your child sleeps well while travelling:

  1. Bring as much of your child’s nursery as you can with you on vacation.  Bring anything that your child sleeps with such as a lovey, blanket, pacifier, white noise, bedtime music and stories.  This is important so that your child feels like he’s in a familiar environment.
  2. Continue implementing your regular bedtime routine.  This will help your child wind down for bedtime, just like at home!
  3. Pray to the sleep gods that your child sleeps well.  When travelling, all bets are off when it comes to your child’s sleep, especially if he isn’t so adaptable to changes.

If your child’s sleep regresses while you’re travelling, make sure to be militant about getting things back on track when you’re home.  This might involve re-sleep training!

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